Restorative Yoga the Deeper Explanation

Blessing Our World

We present to our world that which we see from within. If there is darkness, the world cannot be inspired. But if there is light – a modern self-acceptance – the world breathes in our presence and a situational heaven is, therefore, known.

I Love You More

Little else does the world need more than love. Now, what is such a common need is so personally defined; but there is one characteristic of love that puts all speculation beyond doubt. Love must love more.

Falling In Love Again Through Intimacy, Passion and Commitment

For the many that consider themselves ‘in love’, there are maybe as many out-of-love or, worse, resigned to the fact love has long since left town and cannot be recaptured. But, falling in love again is about intimacy first and foremost, underpinned by commitment, with passion as a crucial benefactor. Falling in love again is as much about reinventing intimacy, passion, and commitment as it is reclaiming it.

The Sword of Love

Throughout such a realm known as time, there is such a thing, The Sword of Love. It comes upon life, sister to common reason, and it conquers or divides, because it forces decision. This is the love of commitment. It can take no prisoners. Its very purpose is determining the sanctity of the will.

4 Ways to Bring Him Emotionally Closer to You

I believe that emotional intimacy is the MAIN component of a love-relationship that keeps a man invested long-term. Most older women can’t compete with 25 year-olds and 30-somethings sauntering through their husbands’ work space in mini skirts and push-up bras, but the wise older wives have something much more significant than a toned body and flawless skin. They have years worth of happy martial memories, which have enhanced their ability to hold their husbands’ heart in their hands and keep their men coming home every night, emotionally fulfilled!

My 3 Rules to Relationship Bliss

Have you ever been somewhere, and looked at a couple and thought, “What do they see in each other?” Don’t fool yourself, happy couples know that true happiness comes from below the surface.

Behaviors That Threaten Relationships

When we put conditions on our love for someone else, we don’t really love them. If you look like this, then I will love you or if I can control your life then I will love you. Read on for more of these statements.

WARNING! The “LOVE Secret” That Most Women Ignore Until It’s TOO Late

Want to know the REAL secret to finding true love? It’s NOT asking your friends what they think of him. It’s NOT asking your family if they think he’s right for you. It’s NOT asking him over and over if he REALLY loves you. And it’s certainly not asking HIS friends whether he’s really as in to YOU, as you are in to him! And its most definitely NOT buying an eBook, or buying any of the “bunk” being sold online that promise to reveal the signs that a man is truly in love.

Your First Love – Reasons Why You Never Forget Your First Love

It’s not easy to break the chains of the memories of your first love. They always keep you bound. These memories are deeply carved on your heart and mind.

When It’s ‘Big’ For Him/Her

As we go about our lives – the metaphorical going out and coming home – we contemplate what achievement is like for other people and, in that, we quantify what achievement means to us. What might be a puny thing for us is massive for the next person; likewise, when we become triumphantly pleased others may scorn with disinterest our defining hour.

Finding Intimacy’s Missing Link

Relational frustration is both felt and expressed by two who yearn for something closer, but cannot achieve it, despite significant effort. Both seek it and are frustrated by the lack of it. Accessing intimacy’s missing link is easier than we think.

Unconditional Love in a Relationship With Conditions

Everyone is a compilation of strengths and weaknesses… of brilliance and of flaws. The major goal in most people’s lives is conquering the deep inner struggle for self-acceptance. On this battlefield, one must eventually understand that self- acceptance doesn’t have to be a war at all. It’s actually a surrendering.

Cherishing the Child Within

We’re surrounded by people. Life wouldn’t be life without relationships. They make our lives happy and miserable and all between. What if there was a simple way to increase our understanding, empathy, and patience?

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