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5 Ways To Tell If Your Relationship Is Real

So you finally found Mr. Right. The two of you have been dating for quite some time and you feel that there is no better time than now to make things official. He gave you the answer you wanted but something just doesn’t feel right. Why do you still feel single?

Love: The Power Emotion

What does it mean to be in love, to feel love, or to experience love? The official definition, according to the thesaurus, is “adulation, or very strong liking.” The word love carries many shades of meaning.

The Passion Of Long-Distance Love

Quickly, upon distance, the truth prevails: what do we really think and how do we really feel? It is the prayer that both partners feel the same way – drawn together whilst happily apart – for but a time – their flame flourishing. This is not always the case, however. So many struggle arduously!

Valentine’s Day: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not!

I’m quite fascinated by the way that my grandchildren frequently adjust their statuses on Facebook from “In a Relationship” to “Single” and back again. It shows how quickly things can change.

Are You Waiting For Your Soul Mate?

Romantics love the notion that everyone on the planet has one perfect person who we were “meant” for, someone who will complement our life in a way that no one else could. This one person that has been created just for us will be the happy ending to every fairy tale about which we ever dreamed, and our love will finally be complete when we meet. But do we really have a soul mate?

Spending Quality Time Together

It’s such a simple title for something seemingly so difficult nowadays. The importance and the amount of quality time spent can only be determined by the couple in question. But there is possibly no better indicator regarding the commitment toward intimacy of each partner to the other than the want, the desire, to be with the other… Spending quality time together is a choice not only for present happiness, but for the future of the relationship, also, for in future such times will be recalled as pleasant memories.

What Are the Signs of True Love? 10 Signs That You Are in Love

Like leprechauns and unicorns the search for true love can seem like a fantasy that will never come true, but rest assured, you will find “the one” one day. In fact, as you head down the path of life you are likely to find a few “the ones”, that is you are likely to fall in love more than once. How can you tell the difference between love-right-now and the-right-and-true-love?

The Importance of Love

Every single encounter in our lives is sacred. How do we greet people we meet on our daily path? Do we act with impatience?

A Man’s Guide to Romance: 10 Tips for Serving a Romantic Dinner at Home

Guys, want to ignite passion in your relationship? Contrary to what they say in the media, a girl doesn’t want diamonds for a best friend. What she really desires is a deep connection with her ideal man. Even strong, independent women want to feel taken care of and pampered. A simple way to inject romance and passion in a relationship is serving her dinner. Done correctly, the at home date is the ultimate in romance. Here are a few tips to pull off this oldie but goodie.

The Blessedness Of Reading Intent

Visiting a favourite breakfast eatery for the best way to start the day (after exercise) inevitably provides opportunities for reflective insight. One such recent insight came regarding the request for skim milk on a serving of cereal; what I didn’t expect was the smaller serving size (than normal) to boot…

You Are Not the Man I Married

Have you every witnessed the break up of a marriage or a relationship where the woman or man has left his partner in circumstances that were completely “out of character”? Men leave women for other men, women leave men for other women, partners may leave each other for significantly older or young partners. Men may even leave their traditional family home and job to live in on a tropical island alone, whilst growing a beard and strumming a guitar against the setting sun. When this occurs the partner may cry, “You are not the person I thought you were!” “You are not the man I married!” “I don’t know who you are anymore!”

Sexual Selection and the Psychology of Love

This article looks at the phenomenon of sexual selection and how it relates to the psychology of love. It first discusses what sexual selection is, then how it works, and finally how it relates to romance.

Opposites Attract: A Lesson On The Energetics of Love

We always talk about how “opposites attract,” but why is this? Learn about attraction and love, from the perspective of Chinese medicine!

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