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Parting Ways – The Natural Cycle of Life

Lovers and friends come in and out of our lives. Yet, upon this revelation we often feel baldly. Emotions of loss, betrayal, invalidation and sadness are common to the parting of ways. It takes thinking through this occurrence, to get to a state of peace, power and purpose. Here’s how to take the sting out of such an occurrence, how to see it differently and regain your emotional balance.

What Are the Attraction Triggers for Men and Women? The Mating Game

The way that a man and a woman become attracted to each other is a mystery, that although it can’t be totally explained, it can to a certain extent be generalised statistically; ok, there is no foolproof method of calculation but, without doubt there are certain male and female attraction triggers. Here are some examples.

Value of Trust in Relationship

Romantic relationships are sometimes complicated, but they can also make us very happy, so everybody looks for a special life partner. There are many aspects of a good relationship, but the main aspect of trust within a relationship is often overlooked.

Love Can Be a Mind-Shattering Experience

Love, true love, has no barriers, cannot be defended against, does not attack, justify or judge. It is, whether we are present to its energy or not. Many think love is a feeling, whilst one can sense love’s energy, it is beyond feeling.

Don’t Fall in Love (Until You Do THIS at Least Once!)

If you think you are in love, or falling in love, this article was written with YOU in mind. As a matter of fact, if you are single right now… but are sick and tired of being alone, this could be one of the most important things you read this year! The truth is, as a love intuitive and someone with an unusual perspective on romance, relationships and the KARMA of connection, I have a very “different” way of looking at love.

180 Degree Turn

“Lord, give me a boyfriend, pleaseeeeeeee….” I was 15 then and I still had no boyfriend. I belonged to NBSB club – No Boyfriend Since Birth! My life was going well though, I was getting A’s in school, and yes, I had boys as friends but never a boyfriend!!!

We Should Be Committed

Well I’m back. Here’s an update. My girlfriend and I broke up, tried it out with other people then finally realized that was a waste of time. We broke down and against our better judgement and to the dismay of all our friends who moonlight as psychotherapists, but are either sexually deprived, emotionally retarded, alone or in a relationship more confusing than ours, we got back together. After many tears and orgasms we broke through our fears, we finally realized that if it made sense it would not be love and broke out of the prison we built for ourselves.

What To Avoid If You Want a Man To Love You

How many nights have you sat there wondering when he’s going to say it? How many times did you think that he was about to whisper it in your ear but he only wanted you to turn off the lamp on your side of the bed? There may be reasons that he hasn’t said he loves you. And some of those reasons may have to do with you!

Intoxicated in Your Love

There is something about love that grabs us hastily by the shoulders, holds us fast in the grip of our vision, and captivated by nothing else, blesses us by the most natural and heavenly intoxication. Love’s beauty has us enthralled by our mate. The nature of such attraction, embraced in intimacy, bristling with passion, and steadfast in commitment, is the nexus of life.

How To Establish Whether My Ex Partner Still Loves Me

Suffering a breakdown of your marriage or relationship is surely a very testing time but if you are willing to make some changes and learn from your mistakes then it does not necessarily mean this arrangement needs to be a permanent one. It could actually be the kick you both need to kick-start your relationship again on a better footing.

New Ways to Find New Lovers

Your imagination can guide you toward new and exciting venues to meet new friends and lovers. Visualization exercises offer you a fun and effective method to open your mind to unique creative experiences. You will have a new source of ideas and as you follow these exercises your imagination will grow sometimes in astonishing ways.

How Men Behave In Love – They Become Superheroes

Partners who are not confident and feel insecure in their man’s love often ask this question: How do men behave when in love? The only true reason they ask this question is because they suspect they have lost the interest of their lover. So they are desperately attempting to hang on to a glimmer of hope that their chosen partner is still in love with them. This is futile. But, to give you some hope about how men behave in love, so your next relationship can and will be an even better actualization and reality for you, this article is for you…

How to Find New Lovers Using Your Creative Imagination

Take a journey in your mind to find places where your lover may reside. It is time to move into the world of the imagination that will guide you in new ways and offer you new ideas to find new friends and lovers. As you open your mind to your inner world you will find ideas that will surprise and delight you. You will live a life different from any you have ever known. You can change your future by following your inner self.

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