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Really? The Eternal Lunacy Of Love, Its Common Misconceptions And The Impossibility Of Defining It

Really? I mean you’ve got to be kidding me! “This is love?” That was my first reaction when I felt that gaping whole in my stomach where my heart plummeted.

Sailing Your Relation-Ship

Many have found that love and relationships are a big battlefield where emotions are used like weapons. Many have been hurt, and have vowed never to love again. Others are just consumed with fear. Does this have to be so? Does love always have to end in bitterness and hate? This article seeks to help.

Prejudging a Love Roadblock

Is prejudging blocking your love connections? How often do you prejudge? Do you know you prejudge?

Conditional Love: What Is Conditional Love?

This is love that is not given freely; love that is only given based on certain requirements being fulfilled and met. It is during our childhood that we have our first experience of love and our meaning or model of love is also created as a child.

Does He Love Me? The Big Mistake That CAN Lead to a Lifetime of Loneliness (Sad But True)

If you are one of the millions of women who are in a relationship that is NOT making you feel truly loved… this article was written with YOU in mind. There is nothing that saps your energy, your enthusiasm and excitement faster than being a relationship with a man who won’t emote, won’t express and won’t tell you how he truly feels. And as a love intuitive and relationship advisor, the sad truth is, I see more women live lives that are LESS than they deserve as a result of this one thing, over and above just about everything else.

Does She Love Me? Top 10 Signs

Falling in love can be a wonderful thing. However, starting a relationship can also be very tricky for most men. This is mostly because a lot of men cannot tell if the girl they’re interested in feels the same way as they do. So if you see yourself in this kind of situation, here are some good signs that will tell if your girl is really in love with you or not.

How to Decide That It’s the Right Time to Break Up With Your Long Term Boyfriend

Has your long term relationship reached it ‘sale by’ date? The signs that it is time to break up with your long term boyfriend.

Sex, Love and Intimacy – What Sort of Relationship Do You Want?

I, like you, have a loving heart. At first it wasn’t safe to show it in public so I searched for a wife to focus it on. Everybody else could go jump in the creek.. I was 14 years old. By 18 I’d found her, by 19 we were living together in a derelict house, going to uni and doing anti Vietnam War protests. I missed the call up but wouldn’t have gone. My loving heart spread out. We had children…

One Sided Love – How to Avoid It

It is in our human nature to love and want to be loved, although there are cases of unrequited love. No one can be forced to love someone. But so many do fall into a one-sided relationship to their own peril. Yes, it happens that some get into one-sided relationships. Love is not mutually shared. Simply, the one who loves is not loved back. Shakespeare wrote: “Love is the most beautiful of dreams and the worst of nightmares.”

Five Signs That You Got the Love Bug

So many people all over the planet constantly search for love. But, what is love, exactly? How can you tell that love happens? Or more importantly, how do you identify if you’re actually feeling that way for someone? These are just some of the questions any individual would ask themselves if they happen to think they’ve been struck by cupid’s arrow.

Does He Love Me? How to Know If He Loves You Without Asking or Looking Needy

As a love intuitive and relationship advisor, one of the most common questions that we see are conundrums about love. Is a relationship serious? Do both partners feel the same way? Is one person setting themselves up to get hurt… or is there balance (and real bliss) in how each person feels about the other.

Will I Get Married? How to Know If You’ll Fall in Love (Or Stay Single Forever)

If you are sick of being single, fed up with failed relationships, and simply starting to get SCARED about your prospects for finding true love and marriage, this article was written with YOU in mind. As a love intuitive and relationship advisor, one of the most common questions (and crisis’s) I hear about is from women who are sick of being in bad relationships. Or sick of being single, and going on disappointing date, after disappointing date.

Devil’s Advocate

He doesn’t really love you now off with his head! No he is really different let’s keep him instead. What makes him different from the rest?

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