Should You Take a Covid-19 Test Right After Getting the Vaccine???

True Blue Love From the Heart

What is true love to you? How important is it to you? Who can benefit from true love?

Are You Love-Oriented?

While Love may be the best feeling anyone goes through, sometimes someone’s significant other excessively affects his/her life, reaching the point of unintended control. In such a case, feelings become unhealthy and damaging to a person’s life if not dealt with properly.

Addicted to Love – How to Make Your Lover Want You More

Are you addicted to love? The 2 keys to make your lover want you more with time.

Does He Love Me? Don’t Waste Your Life on the WRONG Man

If you are anything like most of the women I speak to, the truth is, you’ve asked yourself at least ONE of the questions above at least once, right? Sadly, (but statistically) most women find themselves unsure, uncertain and insecure about our relationships many times over the course of our lives, at least until we finally meet the ONE man we are sure is “IT” (and for most, this doesn’t happen until lots of exciting, but disappointing relationships are well behind us)…

The Metric of Love

I was musing this morning over the idea of Love. What do I believe about love? In this world of illusions we use many metrics to measure our lives.

Remembering to Say, “I Love You”

The commonest phrase and gesture the victims of 9/11 heard, felt or expressed in their final hour would have been, without much doubt, “I love you.” It is a revered and solemn gift. Yet, many never think to say it or avoid saying it.

Why Men Have a Hard Time Finding Love

If you open your eyes, how can you not notice the changes that are happening right before your eyes! The world is changing more and more each day. To some of us it seems scary or something to fear.

He Has Never Said: “I Love You”

if you don’t feel loved enough at the beginning of your relationship don’t expect to be loved enough later on. It may simply be that he does not love you and if that is the case then you should think very carefully about committing yourself to this man on a long term basis. If he has never had it said to him by a parent or significant other as he was growing up then he might not be able to say it. Alternatively if he has grown up without love then he may not know what it feels like to be loved or to love someone else. In this regard he may not know that it could actually be safe to love someone and not be let down or disappointed by that person to whom he may have bared a very vulnerable part of himself.

Where to Find Love – Finding True Love Through Online Community!

Finding true love nowadays is a lot different than how our parents did it during their time. During our loneliest moments after a breakup or a failed relationship, our instincts dictate that we find another love to help ease the pain of the loss of a loved one.

5 Spiritual Tips to Finding Your Love

From a spiritual perspective we are One, whole, without the need for completeness. However, in our human experience we identify ourselves as separated bodies. The sense of desolation creates an underlying desire for unification with another.

Finding Love – How to Tell a Guy Is Giving Hints He’s Falling for You

Are you looking for love? The signs that a man gives off when he is interested in you.

7 Ways to Win Her Heart

There are a number of rules on dating etiquette that many men need to follow if they want to make sure that the woman they’re going out with experiences something memorable and enjoyable. Aside from that, they also need to follow these rules in order to avoid embarrassing themselves.

To Love Unconditionally

The definition of unconditional love is as follows: Unconditional love is a term that means to love someone regardless of the loved one’s qualities or actions. Instead of loving people unconditionally we place conditions on how we love. Quite simply this refers to, “If you do as I say, I love you… And if you don’t…, (fill in the blank)”. These statements are expressing non-loving feelings. These words are also telling us that when we don’t get our way, that we have the tendency to threaten or withdraw our affection.

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