Take Care of Your Love This Valentine’s Day

How do you express love to others? How do you express it to yourself? Valentine’s Day is a time for expressing love. Instead of buying flowers and chocolates that only last for a a week, give something that lasts a lifetime. Something that shows your deep, abiding love for your loved one. This article gives you 10 ideas on how you can treasure love, pamper love, and exalt love to the highest place in your life. Take care of your love.

Love At First Sight: A Dreamy Notion

Human beings want to love and to be loved. Some are more eager than others to find their “soul mate,” and the sooner the better. Beware and be smart! Do not rush into a relationship due to loneliness, desperation, or a decision based on feelings. How well do you know your beloved? It is easy to overlook obvious data when your heart and mind are clouded by your dreamy ideals. Love is not entirely chemistry; it involves knowledge of the person, and of yourself. You need to know how one reacts to stress and trauma and how one handles changes in life. Are you familiar with the person’s history, birth order, temperament, pain, challenges, financial philosophy, etc? Can you really look into someone’s eyes and know whether they are able to forgive, whether they respect all human beings and what their world view is, how is was formed and how they practice it? Happy, meaningful lifelong relationships are not usually formed within a few seconds, days or weeks.

Love Is a Decision: Mature Love Is Not a Feeling

Marriages with strong foundations include a worldview that goes deeper than compatibility, best friends and love – deeper than feelings. What is unseen in these relationships is the view that the goal is not happiness; the goal is oneness. The couple know they are a team, with most of the following philosophies: (1) Each one is out to make the other happy, rather than focus on making the self happy. (2) Happiness is not the goal of marriage because happiness is like the ebb and flow of a tide, always changing. (3) The goal of marriage is deeper – for the betterment of our souls.Together, we are stronger, and left alone, we might persevere in bad habits and selfishness. Marriage helps us reach virtues and maturity. Through sacrifice and consideration of another person, we must come out of our cozy caves. Choosing to love means you will have a better chance of persevering through betrayals and temporary feelings, calling upon forgiveness and healing.

5 Keys to a Deeper Love Walk

Love, the God kind of love, is not fuzzy feelings and happily-ever-after’s. It is not a Hallmark movie with every problem solved in two hours or less. Love is a choice, a commitment to respond at all times and in all situations like God who is Love. Here are five keys to help you develop a deeper love walk.

The Story Of A True Lover – As Exhibited By A Woodcutter’s Wife

There is the story of a woman who had been a true lover. She exhibited all the ingredients of true love. Indeed, she had a firm grip of the rules of the game in her marriage life; she was diplomatic and considerate toward her husband. This was a story narrated by the Messenger of God, Muhammad (peace be upon him), to his companions The Prophet said: “I inquired from a certain woman whose husband was a woodcutter about how she treated her husband and she explained as follows:”

My First Love

I still remember the day when I met him for the first time. It was a warm summer afternoon as I spent the day lazing on a couch devouring scrumptious cookies at Sandra’s place. Time had lost its purpose as my only way to pass it was gaping at the clock with seconds passing into minutes and minutes passing into hours. My life had managed to touch rock bottom as I lay on the couch motionless, my vision now fixated on the lizard as it made its way from one side of the ceiling to the other.

Soul Mates and Karmic Connections From Past Lives

There is a strong karmic connection carried forward from the past lives. Whenever you meet someone new and for the first time and yet you feel a very strong karmic connection with them then this is your soul mate. You will have almost everything in common with this person. You will have the same taste even though you have never met him or her before in this life.

How Your Karmic Planets Will Affect Your Relationships in This Life

Karmic cycles are carried forward from past lives and we will show below how these will impact you in your lives. Karma is caused by any thought, any action and even behaviour which will have serious impact on your present lives. Penance and helping others will reduce your karma.

True Mutual Storybook Love Finally Happened to Me and Can for You, Too

It’s the kind of love that you see in the movies, read about and wonder if it’s even possible. So how can this happen for you, too? I have a few answers here below.

Bringing Love Into the New Year

Imagine that you could have a conversation with your future self from ten years from now. Let’s suppose that his older version of yourself can reveal a very important aspect of your life that you currently are troubled or concerned about. What would your future self, recommend to you to attain this new higher level of creativity, happiness and peace in your life?

True Love

My husband and I got married at eight in the morning. It was winter, freezing, the trees encased in ice and a few lone blackbirds balancing on telephone wires. We were in our early 30s, considered ourselves hip and cynical, the types who decried the institution of marriage even as we sought its status. During our wedding brunch we put out a big suggestion box and asked people to slip us advice on how to avoid divorce; we thought it was a funny, clear-eyed, grounded sort of thing to do, although the suggestions were mostly foolish: Screw the toothpaste cap on tight. After the guests left, the house got quiet. There were flowers everywhere: puckered red roses and fragile ferns. “What can we do that’s really romantic?” I asked my newly wed one. Benjamin suggested we take a bath. I didn’t want a bath. He suggested a lunch of chilled white wine and salmon. I was sick of salmon.

Humanology for Couples – Love Thyself First

Haven’t you been told that selfishness is wrong? That one should always place others before oneself? Well, sorry, I disagree! Let me explain why…

Confidence Is More Important Than Beauty

We first started chatting on Valentine’s day back in February of 2016 on an online app called Hellotalk. Patrick and I hit it off from the moment we started talking. We found out that we both lived in the midwest of the United States and in the same area. Finally, we met each other in March. I planned a night with some of my friends and invited Patrick to join. A month after we started dating. We have been blessed to have a wonderful a year and a half gone by and cannot wait to spend more years together!

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