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Blue in the Grey

I was born during a time when life was a simple journey with no twists and turns, the pattern was the same from generation to generation. The beginning of every man’s existence was that little cry once you were out of your mothers womb, the cry that signifies the birth of a life; the growth in slow phases that seemed to come very fast and finally the initiation into manhood. I was born during a time when the only proof that you could handle life on your own lay solely in your ability to replicate the life of whoever you had chosen to be your role-model.

Valentines Day and What People Buy

Valentines day is a day for lovers across the globe. Unlike Mothers Day, Valentines Day is celebrated on the same day in every country, each year. 14th February is the day millions is spent on telling how much you love your partner!

How to Love the Things You Hate

So… you have some things, or circumstances, or people in your life that you hate. OK, maybe hate is a strong word, but even if you dislike these people, things or circumstances, you are faced with a conundrum: On one hand, you know you create your own reality, and your very dislike of anything creates more things to dislike. On the other hand you can’t just hide your head in the sand, think happy thoughts and ignore an ongoing problem, expecting it to just disappear… or can you?

Does He Love Me? 3 Easy Ways To Tell If It’s Destined to Be True Love

Does he really love me? Is this the ONE? Will we still be together in 2 years.

Something In Common

After a brief stop working at the Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections some time ago, I noticed we all have something in common. We are all God’s children in spite of the circumstances or sins we grievously commit. God’s arms are stretched and opened wide to all who will have a repentant heart and a change of mind; to turn to Him by faith.

Breaking Up Is Difficult

A friend (we’ll call her “Leslie”) recalls the simplest, but most poignant, words anyone ever spoke to her about the pain of a relationship breaking up. She and an old friend (“Greg”) had been good friends in high school and recently reconnected over the Internet. Though they lived in different parts of the country, they managed to see each other several times over the better part of a year, and before long she felt very much in love.

Relationships: How to Create Rock-Solid Love – That Just Keeps Getting Better!

Love-true, deep, committed love, seems illusive to many. Some have created partners but the relationship is less than ideal. Others have created unrequited love-one-sided love affairs ending far too soon. Still others wait, patiently or not, for true love to find them, while deep down, they fear it never will.

Make Someone Fall In Love, Once Again

It is popularly said that the first love never happens twice. But for you it did! You decided to break out of your relationship, only to realize that you love him ever more.

The Telltale Signs That Your Ex Is Still In Love With You

There is no surefire way of knowing if they still love you or not unless you ask them, and even when you do ask, they may not give you an honest answer for the very same fears. But sometimes, without your ex even knowing it, he or she might be giving you signs that the love is still there.

Is Love A Relationship?

I have no idea what ‘love’ is, and I don’t think I can ever get anywhere close to knowing it, for it’s difficult to comprehend anything that means so many different things to so many different people. All that one can do is speculate about what it can possibly be. When does an intense liking for something become capable of being described as ‘love’ is completely beyond me.

How Loving Couples Behave

Norman and Norma Burmah, at 102 and 99, have the longest marriage-82 years-on record in the United States. Imagine if they were unhappily married. What a long and dismal sentence that would be. While I don’t know how happily married they are, I do know what they and others do when they are in a happy relationship. Certain behavioral patterns are shared by happy couples, whether recently united or going for the longevity record.

Where Can I Find Love?

Get advice on places where many singles today have already found someone special to love. Learn the steps that you will need to take first inorder to find that special someone.

3 Ways to Capture His Heart

The girl grows up reading fairy tales and children’s story books where there is a pretty princess, who seems to be always in need of the dashing young prince.The prince saves the princess in all the stories and they always live happily ever after.

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