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The Fruits of Trust, Intimacy and Fairness

Boundaries of trust really are sensible constraints we place on our relationships, governing the issuing of intimacy; we let fairer people have more latitude, giving them more of our intimacy – which is relational freedom and honesty; the sense of ease. Those we have unfair experience with shouldn’t be allowed such latitude. They haven’t earned that level of intimacy or trust.

The Grace of Giving and OP Days

An O.P. Day is a day that is dedicated to “Other People”. It’s a day for finding ways to bless the people in your personal circle. You can create an OP day for your business and other kinds of connections, but it must be completely about giving and blessing, not getting back. The aim is to show the people you focus your attention upon, that you love them appreciate them and are so glad to have them in your life. Ever find yourself feeling unable to give worthily? Read on!

Relationship Advice About Men, Women Asking “Will He Change?”

“Will He Change?” is one of the age old questions women ask about their men, and understanding how this issue impacts the way women often respond or react to their partners, has inspired the writing. This article addresses the question and simplifies the answer with positive intent and a touch of humor, encouraging healthier and happier interactions between the sexes…regardless of their change in habits.

Love, Peace and Magic

February, the month of hearts. As February 14 is fast approaching, most of us are already preparing what to do on Valentine’s day. The month of showing love to the people that we care; friends, family, kids and to our special someone’s.

Valentine’s Day – How to Avoid Disappointment and Let Down With Narcissistic Emotional Abusers

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you are in an emotionally abusive relationship, how does this make you feel? Valentine’s Day, the day set apart to celebrate the love relationship you have chosen to invest your precious time into, should be looked forward to with anticipation. Is this what you experience? Or, do your thoughts go back to previous Valentine’s Days recalling a disappointment or let down after the day went by without your even being noticed? If this is your experience, do you want another Valentine’s Day in your life to go by having the same result?

Spending Valentine’s Day Alone? How to Make Valentine’s Day Special (Even By Yourself)

Does Valentine’s Day make you sad, anxious or depressed about your life? Does the lack of love seem more glaringly obvious on Feb 14th than it does any other time of year? The truth is, for many people, a day that many associated with love and lust is about a totally DIFFERENT “L” world altogether… LONELINESS. The good news is, it really doesn’t have to be. And no matter what you believe your life is lacking right now, you CAN actually replace that with a sense of gratitude, abundance and simply taking action on doing something that will make you happy.

Grace Never Fails

There is plenty of room for everybody. There is plenty of opportunity to go around. There is abundance enough for all people to feel fulfilled.

Is He RIGHT for Me?

Is he right for me…or just Mr. right “NOW”? Will he stick around for the long haul, or is he as good as gone when the next best thing comes around? And how can I tell if he really, truly loves me, without having to beg, or ask, or bother his friends and family AGAIN?

Are You a Giver or a Taker?

Are you a giver or a taker in relationships? (Go ahead and decide your answer, I will wait….) Got it? Great! Now, for the next question. Which one SHOULD you be? That was actually a trick question. Sorry to do that to you, but stay with me here. The correct answer is: neither one. You should be GIVING and TAKING. Think of it as a bank account. You put things in there on a regular basis, then you take things out when you need them. Because you are always adding to what’s in the account, there will always be something in there and the account will never be empty. Relationships work on the same basic principle. I know this is a very simplistic way of looking at it, but it sort of pares it all down and makes it very clear at the same time.

Top Tips To Stay In Love Always

Many people, whether they are married or not, think about ways on how they can stay in love for as long as possible. The reality is not all couples end up happily together. There will always be problems along the way. The key is in how they handle such situations to help save their relationships.

Love the One You’re With: 14 Simple Ways to Create a Great Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re madly in love, still looking for love, or in a snit with the one you love, the suggestions below are surefire ways to jumpstart more luvin’ feelings in your life. Just choose one of these suggestions and try it out – on your spouse, your beau, yourself, or a friend. Or for those who crave a larger dose of feelin’ good, try one a day for the next 14 days!

Ask a Psychic: Are Love Horoscopes Accurate? (The Straight Scoop on the Karma of Connection)

Are horoscopes for love accurate? Can I really tell if a man is the “ONE” simply by looking at my personal astrological chart, or by reading a horoscope…or is that simply new age nonsense and wishful thinking instead? And our soul-mates real…or is the idea that we are born to meet, marry, live and love just ONE special soul silly? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at horoscopes for love compatibility, and answer some common questions that many women have before having one. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look immediately below!

Joyful Heart, Love and Valentine’s Day

With a name like Cheri Valentine, I am often told how can I be doing any thing other than helping people find love. Although initially people associate finding love with finding a partner, to me love is so much more.

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