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I Miss Him – How To Get Your Boyfriend Back!

There are several ways to get over a bad break up. One thing you can do is get over him, or you can get him back. There are tell tale signs that you still love him. Find out if you should get him back or get over him!

Is Watching the “Bachelor/Bachelorette” an Education on “What Is a Narcissistic Emotional Abuser?”

Some of the network shows of ABC “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” appear to be admissible curriculum material for a psychology class teaching about personality disorders. Whether it be Ashley Ebert’s encounter on the 2011 ABC “The Bachelorette” or the 2012 ABC “The Bachelor” show where Jake Flajnik has met his match, viewers are getting an education as to what is a narcissistic emotional abuser. Statistically, if the prevalence rate of narcissistic personality disorder is 4%, or one in twenty-five, is it mathematically sound to say that each season we could suspect there be one contestant exhibiting narcissistic symptoms, thus, potentially becoming a narcissistic emotional abuser?

Warning! 2 Signs He’s in Love With Someone Else (And What You Should Do About It!)

Are you worried that he’s in love with someone else? Do you secretly harbor an intense, intuitive insecurity that your man may be in love (or LUST) with another woman? Do you find your ability to trust him, or feel confident….or even COMFORTABLE in your relationship is at an all time low? In this article we are going to take an intuitive and insightful look at how to tell your man MAY be in love with another woman….and what you need to do if you’re feeling that fear. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

You Can Be Free

Love is what enables people to accomplish impossible feats, to face great danger, to turn the other cheek, and even to die. It is a powerful force that gives us the freedom we all desperately want and need.

Love the Best Way They Knew

Many will, and do, hurt because of estranged family arrangements – even in cases where loved ones have long departed, from the relationship or in body. This unkempt sense of self, because we ran short on all the transactions of love necessary to grow in well-adjusted ways, can be reconciled in the knowledge that, they loved us the best way they knew how.

Draped in God’s Love

Draped in love, clothed, and therefore characterised, we’re immersed – and ever so committed – to the ideals and practicalities contained within this crazy little thing called love. It subsumes us. We’re to be won to it, completely. And we know this is so when love is more important than anything else. It requires us to risk, even ourselves.

Hearts Go Out in Love

This is about a sad story; of loneliness – because of love; a familial love – not romantic, nor laced in any complication beyond family. Yet, family is complicated enough. Not that it wants or needs to be…

Does He Love Me? 2 Weird Ways to TEST His Love (Without Him Needing to Know)

Does he REALLY love me? Is he “The One” or only sticking around for the time being? How can I find out if he really loves me, without looking silly, desperate or begging and bothering his friends for answers? Are there any GENUINE signs that a man is in love… or do we need to simply take his word for it, and trust our guts? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at 4 “alternative” ways to put HIS love to the test, without having to ask him or doing anything annoying or without appearing repetitive or insecure.

Divine Relationships and Soul Mates

Divine relationships are for a very divine purpose and that is spiritual growth. Your soul has their own agenda, their own journey. The soul’s journey is pretty much fated and the soul’s goal is growth and enlightenment, a return from the human experience to a spiritual experience. From duality to oneness.

Are You Pushing Your Partner Away?

If you feel you are not getting the love you want in your relationship, it is possible that you are pushing your partner away. Often, when we feel hurt, disappointed and upset, our choices and behavior rather than helping us get our needs met, actually push us further away from the very things we need and want. For example…

What Women Want in a Relationship – How to Be a Better Boyfriend and Lover!

As men we are always trying to figure out what women want in a relationship. Have you figured it out yet? If not, you’re far from alone. One reason why it’s so hard to figure out what women want in a relationship is because, in many cases, they don’t even know. And if they don’t know, how can you? It’s probably safe to assume that what women want in a relationship is…EVERYTHING! However, that doesn’t always mean that they’ll get it. In their minds, women have an image of the perfect man. They are raised on fairy-tale stories of love and romance. They expect their knight in shining armor to sweep them off their feet and carry them off into the sunset where they will live happily ever after with their Prince Charming.

Reject Hate, Embrace Love!

Love wipes out hate from our life. Love is a universal language and can be expressed in many forms. However, we cannot go to school to learn love. Love is a choice and beyond a feeling. However, we love someone doesn’t mean we don’t point out his/her weaknesses or correct when he/she is mistaken. Considering the fruits of love, and the attached benefits that come with it, it is better to love than hate. With love come peace, joy, contentment, and greater self-worth. With hate come sicknesses, crimes, self-condemnation, internal chaos, and more.

How to Love a Man the Right Way

How is it to love a man? Is there really a ‘correct’ way to love someone without suffocating him? What do men really want out of the relationship, anyway? These are just some of the many questions we women torture needlessly ourselves with. But really, loving a man is simple:

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