TACTICS to Have TOUGH CONVERSATIONS and Grow Closer | Relationship Theory

Love Quizzes To Cement Your Relationships

A relationship brings together two completely different individuals; people with varied interests, likes and dislikes. It is these differences that can make a relationship complicated. If you are in one, you know what I am talking about. There are times when it is a real roller coaster ride with its unexpected ups and downs.

Loving With the Truth

CARING compassion would found all our affairs in the ministry of the Word with people, but for the case of truth. But isn’t caring compassion founded most in the speaking of truth… gently? Yet, it’s much easier pondered than achieved.

Loving With Grace and Truth

CARING compassion cares enough to straddle two divergent poles: grace and truth. Such is love that it insists on spending itself so the other person might experience grace within the context of a most essential truth. There is no other way to express or experience love than through that ingenious meld of grace and truth.

Supernatural Encounter With an Angel

This could make a difference in your life. This is a story I was told some years back by an elderly man. It is about a pastor and his little son.

What Happened When You First Said “I Love You”

This piece discusses what happened when one first says ‘I Love You’. It goes on to use these realities to encourage us to have a good relationship.

Forgiveness, If You Don’t Already Know, Is a Process

Forgiveness is a process. Healing will come in its own time. Just commit in faith.

Do What Is Right and God Will Make Right of What You Do

If we suffer for doing what is right we know that we are blessed as our account is paid. But if we suffer and don’t do what is right, we must pay as well as suffer. Who do we pay? God, of course! If we have done what is right, even if we’ve suffered, God is pleased in heaven and we might be here on earth via his Spirit. Don’t you feel pleased when you miss out knowing you’ve done nothing wrong? I can assure you that blessing can be known in and through you when you cheerfully recognise that God knows and God commends, and that no commendation is like his!

Rising to Meet Jesus’ Delightful Standard – Love One Another

RIGHTEOUSNESS is, most unfortunately, a much misinterpreted word in our day and age. Simply understood as “doing what is right,” we can understand there is a vast difference between doing what is acceptable in the eyes of the world and doing what is pleasing in the eyes of the Lord.

4 Ways to Be Your BEST In Your Relationships

We often strive to create healthy and satisfying relationships. But sometimes, despite how much we may try, we’re unable to do so. When this happens, here are 4 surefire things you can do to turn things around and be your best self in the relationships that matter most.

The True Meaning (and Hard Work) of Love

LOVE seems such a confused concept in this ‘love is love’ age. Love is only love when we understand that love joins emotion with action. Love that is emotion without action is merely infatuation. This is not to cast aspersions on the love enjoyed by two consensual adults, where there is the assumption of love giving itself for the other. But a love that only expects is not love.

If Not For You

I am a well published Inspirational writer and this is the story behind my parable entitled; “If Not For You.” I sincerely hope it brings solace to those who grieve and inspires others to take a moment to recommend, share and tweet this article, especially on behalf of anyone grieving the sudden and unexpected loss of a person dear to their own heart. It was the thirty-eighth anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death on August sixteenth, and the reason I am sharing this is because I had an aunt and uncle that grew up, met…

Between Love and Familiarity

We often feel deep empathy toward certain people that we don’t get in return. They tend to be negative types of people, like people with high temperament or narcissists, who take advantage of our kindheartedness for their own desire. Somewhere deep in our thoughts we just think maybe if we treat them nicely and show them our great kindness and sincereness, they would treat us better and even change their behavior for us.

40 Ways To Say I Love You

Your first love is the person that you will never forget, even when you’ve convinced yourself you’ve moved on. I can’t imagine you with someone else… it’ll break my heart.

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