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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: True Celebrity Love Destiny

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been in the limelight as a couple for quite some time, now. Many may feel that they are not the best candidates for celebrity love destiny together, but we feel differently for a number of reasons. Here, we will let you know why we think these two are meant to be together through examining their past and present history together.

Valentine’s the Tantric Way

We can celebrate Valentine’s Day with joy and excitement, a way that taps into the true spirit of the occasion: love. Love comes in many forms and is not exclusive to romantic love. Love exists between parents and children, siblings, friends, owners and pets, teachers and students. Love arises when you’re listening to a favorite song, reading a good book, cooking a nutritious meal, or feeling grateful for the mailman who delivers your mail every day despite the freezing weather. Beyond romantic love, there exists a Universal Love that is free from jealousy, neediness, or conditions. Valentine’s Day is the one day each year designated to celebrate Love, so let’s use this day to cultivate the Universal Love inside us all.

365 Valentine’s Days

When we are in love, life is surreal; it has been touched by God. Each day – with few exceptions – we are plausibly thankful for God’s gift of a partner who we are swimmingly delighted with. But, so many do not experience life like that at all. Some are without love. Others are abused and/or neglected by their ‘lover’, and others, again, have lost a great love and their delight has turned into despair.

Look at Me! – A Woman’s Inner Cry

Although, I’m passionate about my work, but when I see my woman work on her designs, I feel like she’s 1000 times more passionate than me. And, it’s not only about work. She’s a wonderful cook too. And, there are hundreds of other things in which I personally feel that she’s better than me.

Valentines Day – Reflecting on the Reason for the Day and Issuing a Challenge

Valentines Day – From Chaucer to Present Day. Looking back over time and confronting today’s Reality. Do we Really need a special day to tell someone how we feel? Its time to challenge the notion of a commercialized day of affection.

Valentine’s Day in a Hotel Room

“Calling from deep within the heart, from wherever the eyes cannot see and also the ears cannot hear, from wherever the mountain trails finish and solely love will go.” – Adapted from The Three Rivers. Valentines’ day is a day of love and warmth. It is a day to set aside just one day for the loving partner and spend quality time together.

Revealed: 2 Surprising Reasons Loving Someone Is Good For You

Want some good reasons to love someone? This doctor says it’s one of the best prescriptions for your heart and overall health. Find out why he says this.

Five Ways To Woo Your Lover

Looking for ways to bring passion into your relationship? Show your lover how much you care with these heartfelt ideas to enhance a healthy relationship.

Believe That God Loves You

More than anything, God wants you to understand how special you are to Him. He values you as one of the treasures of His heart. He loves you no matter what you may have done. Regardless of the mistakes you’ve made or the things you’ve neglected to do, God loves you.

Older Men and Younger Women Relationships

Have you seen the American sitcom series Modern Family? What do you think of the relationship between Jay and Gloria? Will you mind if the man is way older than the woman in a relationship or marriage? This is what I feel about age gap relationships.

3 Reasons Why a Home Cooked Meal Is the Perfect Way to Say I Love You

What could be healthier or more enjoyable than a gift that’s all about connection? Time together, conversing, creating, enjoying the finer things in life, this is the kind of gift money can’t buy and its just as perfect to give to dear old mom, your best friend or your lover. Here’s how to make it extra special…

How To Stop Urgency From Ruining Your Love Life

A major problem that’s holding you back from where you want to be in your love life is most likely a sense of URGENCY. Urgency happens when your masculine energy – your inner “knight in shining armor” – is going unemployed. In other words, when you’re using your masculine energy to try to make something happen in a relationship, rather than using it to work on yourself or save the world – you’re going to feel a sense of urgency in your love life.

My Sweet Valentine

Valentine’s Day is coming up again. Love is in the air for a lot of young people, but what about you and your spouse? Sure you still love them, but Valentine’s Day is for young people, right? You don’t have to be a certain age to celebrate Valentine’s Day or any holiday! It’s just a special day to think of the person you love and show them through some small way that you care about them.

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