The KEY to Communicating with Your Partner Is By DOING This

What Is This Thing Known As Love?

Change is necessary to adapt. It may in fact be a recursive process. We need to change in order to adapt to changes that may be happening around us.

Heartache Archeology

History gives us insights into the meaning of events. Our own personal histories tell us about what we can learn from applied hindsight. Here’s a case where I’ve learned some wisdom from losing my first love – in first grade, six decades ago!

Make Him Fall In Love Spell

Do you want to cast a spell on him? A make him fall in love spell that you should try.

Tips To Make Him Fall In Love

Do you want to rock his world? 2 key tips to make him fall in love with you.

Things That Make A Man Fall In Love

Do you want his love? The 4 things that you need to do to make him fall in love with you.

Recipe To Make Him Fall In Love

Do you want to bake you some love? Some key ingredients and instructions on how to make him fall in love with you.

Love Simply Is

We all want love in our life, to love and be loved. Yet many people have no idea what love truly is. We hear the words unconditional love, but do not understand its true meaning. Unconditional love means accepting others and what they believe or do as okay. It means we don’t have to agree with them to love them. It means they are human and may disappoint us sometimes, but that’s okay too. Real love does not have expectations, it simply exists as it is and flows generously if we allow it. Honoring another person and what they believe as truth for them and allowing them this freedom, frees us to fully love them.

Facebook – A Family of Users

What kind of a company is Facebook? I say it is a family and friend company we the people around the world are connected to brothers, sisters, mother, father, son, daughter, cousins, uncles, aunt and friends. We show our pictures, write comments and find old friends we have not seen in years. We should own Facebook…

Love Without Pain

Why is love often associated in pain? Can this pain be avoided? Sure, it can if we only know how.

Best Ways to Make a Man Fall in Love With You

Thinking about what are the sure shot ways to make a man fall in love with you? Well women nowadays, especially the ones in a relationship long for the moment when the man in their life will truly, madly and deeply fall in love with her. Relationships like any thing good can be achieved by lot of hard work, trust, loyalty and most importantly love.

Back To The Basics of Love

As women, we have the softest hearts. We work hard, love harder, and we expect the most from those who we work hard for and love. I ask myself sometimes, “Why do women have to be made so emotional, so attached, so hands on with the men in our lives.” Women are like antique glass pieces, we need to be handled with care. I think that any man who wants a woman in his life forever, should go to a “Women’s Special Care Seminar” so he would know exactly what to do and look for when it comes to us and how to treat us with the best care. It amazes me how guys would do something to hurt us, but go on as if nothing has happened. A woman would stay up all night crying over a hard breakup, while the guy is somewhere doing his thing. To women it may look as if he doesn’t care, but I believe deep down he does. How do we master the perfect relationship? How do we take the game of love from the 1st base all the way to the 3rd. How do we succeed when everything looks to be failing?

“All You Need Is Love” – But When Driven by Neediness and Dependency It Harms Your Relationship

Many “fall for” others who are unavailable, giving themselves totally, as if there is no tomorrow, ignoring warning signs – even the most obvious ones – believing they have found “the love of their life”, only to become disillusioned time and again – and to jump in with another unavailable person. For as long as they are not aware of their need and dependency, they are not able to change, heal and develop a healthy intimacy.

How To Get Him To Not Stop Thinking About You

Do you want to be the one whom he cannot stop thinking about? The 4 keys to get him to constantly think about you.

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