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What You Never Knew Before About Love

What’s your idea of love? Is it when you want the best for someone else? When you give up putting your own self first to focus on another’s feelings, desires, needs? When you give your whole self-heart, mind and soul-to another?

How To Meet The Perfect Man

It makes sense that if you exist so does your perfect partner. If you don’t believe this, maybe you’re making excuses for being single because you’ve become discouraged and you’ve lost hope over time.

Soul Mates: Truth or Myth?

With each new relationship, especially at the start when it was in that “infatuation phase,” I believed that I had met The One. But when the relationship ended I was bitterly disappointed and I began to doubt whether I was capable of recognizing my soul mate at all. I began to re-think my idea of a soul mate. I realized that I was giving each new man a special status in my life that was unrealistic, an ideal that no one could live up to, myself included.

When He Breaks Up With You

One of the hardest times to let go is when a relationship comes to end before its time. When you are faced with someone letting you go first, it seems unfair and particularly cruel. You will ask yourself over and over again why is this happening to me? What did I do wrong?

Ways To Know Your Girlfriend Loves You

Sense of belonging is the sweetest feeling that a person can ever have. If it comes from your girlfriend, it becomes all the more endearing. What are the best ways to know your girlfriend loves you? It is not uncommon that many people are struggling to find out whether their girlfriends love them or not. If you want to know whether a girl truly loves you or not, you will have to assess her actions more than her words. Usually girls follow their intuition unconsciously and that is why her actions become all the more relevant than words.

Help! What’s Happening to Me? I Think I’m in a Relationship With a Narcissist! Part 4

Have you ever wondered what happens in a relationship with a Narcissist? Have things felt off in your current relationship? Are you tired of feeling bad? Maybe you haven’t recognized the types of Narcissistic abuse. This article is designed to help you recognize what Narcissistic abuse might look like, with examples.

Uncovering Your Hidden Obstacles To Love

If you’ve struggled with being single for a long time and believe you’ve tried everything, believe me, there’s an answer. But the answer is where you can’t see it; in your subconscious mind. You have an intuitive sense of what’s true and – when you trust it – you will be right.

Whatever Happens, Love Some More

If I, for one moment, have the gospel right, We live by faith and not by sight, But there’s another thing we can easily miss, It’s to know that, in love, our life is bliss. Yes, all to love, it’s the power for hope, When we verily need the strength to cope, Whatever happens, learn to look above, Whatever happens, respond in love.

Top 3 Common Problems in a Relationship

A lot of couples experience the issues and problems in their relationship. This article will highlight some of the top common problems people usually go through in a relationship.

Five Avoidable Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make In Your Relationship As A Lady

Here are some tit-bits that have the potentials to help us not to blow our relationship. Many relationships terminate at will and abruptly. Not because they’re necessary bad, but because we took some missteps along the way. This article helps the average lady to be on her guard in any relationship-good or bad. Even a ‘bad’ relationship has every chance to heal with appropriate steps and attitude.

Relationship Advice for Women – How to Understand Your Man

When it comes to understanding men, an awful lot of women are clueless, and that’s why so many relationships end badly. If women had a better understanding of the quirks and commonalities that almost all men have, it would save them a great deal of frustration, panic and many sleepless nights. Every relationship is different, and some problems are bigger than others so this isn’t meant to be a blueprint to a perfect match or a cure for your bad relationship, but these helpful hints can definitely clue you…

Why Classic Love Poems Stand the Test of Time

Classic Love Poems have withstood the test of time due to their deep-felt meanings. Explore the reasons behind their longevity. Poetry about love has been the inspiration behind many famous romances.

Prince William’s Royal Baby: 4 Reasons To Celebrate His Birth

The Royal Baby: 4 Reasons to Celebrate His Birth is an article about the joy of new life and reasons to celebrate. Too often we get stuck in a survival rut, living our lives unconsciously, struggling to make ends meet. We forget to celebrate the privilege of life itself.

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