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Are We Compatible? How a Love Horoscope Can Bring True Love Into Your Life

Are we really, truly compatible? Will we stay that way forever..

Let Love Heal Your Battle Scars

AS IT IS with a cracked vessel that lets light in – the light of truth – truth that gently tends toward healing – so it is that through those cracks love ekes in and begins the process of healing those battle scars we’ve long not dealt with. But we must allow love in, and love can only enter through our acknowledged brokenness. Where we present as whole, pretending we have it all together, as if a vessel with no cracks, not only does light not get through, but neither does the love we need – the love of God and of those concerned for us – get through either. We are not being vulnerable enough.

Will I Be Alone Forever? 3 Secret Attraction Techniques for Manifesting True Love

Will I always be alone? Will I ever find true love? Do I have a soul mate.

Inauthenticity With Yourself Can Be Healthy Too

Neuroplasticity is a relatively new science about the moulding and evolving of the human mind. Simply what it says is that you can change your brain. One of those changes you can cause is to talk yourself into believing something that otherwise might have appeared to be impossible.

The Easiest Way to Meet Your Future Girlfriend

“it’s all about who you know” – who the hell said this quote? If you haven’t heard the above quote you either live under a rock, you spend your days in a bunker or you simply don’t have Facebook friends that try to post intelligent sounding statuses all the time. So if you haven’t heard or seen the quote before.

The Love In Being Empathically Hypersensitive

Being empathically hypersensitive is not so much a gift as it is the compassion of God inside us for another person. It is taking God literally – to love another just as we wish to be loved. It’s about elevating the need of the person in front of us so they would feel safely beside us, important to us, on the journey of life.

My “Handmade” Quilt

Think about hand made quilts. When you look at them, you see a distinctive pattern that someone carefully pieced together using fat quarter squares, circles, diamonds or any other design element they wanted. The hand stitching used is a form of art that is so neatly done that machine stitching cannot hold a candle to it.

Suicide – Calling the Elephant For What It Is

There is an elephant that roams wistfully in and out of people’s lives, wreaking destruction. Suicide destroys the lives left behind. If something will hold us in this life it’s that people care about us: our children, our spouses, our parents, friends, co-workers… and, yes, God cares!

Real Love Never Fails

There are many things we count on in this life, however sometimes what we count on is not that trustworthy. There is one thing though, that we can always count on. This one thing is that real love never fails. To find out what this means, please continue reading “Love Never Fails”

The Shift in Relationships: How to Be a STRONG Woman in Love

Relationships are shifting. We don’t have relationships the same way our parents did and we certainly don’t have relationships as our grandparents did.

Relationship Advice – To Break Up or Not To Break Up, That’s the Million Dollar Question!

Have you reached a point in your relationship where you are wondering if you should break up or make up with your partner? Maybe you can trace your failing relationship to one specific event, or maybe it’s something that has been slowly building up over time.

The Grandest, Humblest Christian Test – To Love Beyond Difference

WHERE IS THE LOVE? This is a chief question in the epistle that is 1 John. It is the writer’s great concern that…

A Different Kind of Love

Love comes in many forms. How can we become more loving as people?

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