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How to Get Him to Care Again

When you’ve been with someone long enough, it’s so easy to fall into the “we-are-too-comfortable” trap. It’s simply inevitable. While there is nothing wrong with being comfortable with your partner, sometimes we forget that in order for a relationship to keep growing, we have to keep working hard. You start the relationship with passion, your man can’t stand being away from you but now you’re lucky if he doesn’t forget your birthday or your anniversary. Everything seems to be too familiar. It’s not that you don’t love each other anymore; it’s just that every relationship goes through this phase. Are there any ways on how to get him to care again?

Where to Find Love

There are a ton of individuals worldwide that are single and ready to find a mate. The winter months are over and now that the sun is out everyone is ready for that “summer romance”. Countless people are where to find love. But where to identify love seems to be the big question.

Do I Have a Soulmate? (And a Beautiful Idea That MAY Give You Hope!)

Q: Do I Have a Soulmate? If yes… where is he? And why do I need to go through so many bad relationships to find the one that really WORKS? (and is meant to be forever?)

How To Keep A Man Interested In A Relationship

Are you afraid that he may be losing interest in the relationship? 3 keys to keeping a man interested in a relationship.

How to Choose Great Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Some of us are able to very easily choose gifts for our valentines; others of us struggle, needing a bit of help. Here are a couple of ways to get the creative juices flowing and choose a great Valentine’s Day Gift.

Love Tips For Women

Want some help in the love department? 7 love tips for women to help them improve their love experience.

How To Love Him

Is your way of loving driving him away? The 2 keys to loving him so that he feels loved.

Is He in Love With Someone Else? The PAINFUL Truth About LOVE, Loss and Spiritual Soul Mates

What are the signs that a man is in love with another woman? Can you tell from his energy, or aura if he’s NOT into you? What signs should I look for that our relationship may be over… and is there anything I can do to stop him from leaving?

What Is “Spark” When It Comes to Relationships?

A spark is what draws two people together in order to form a relationship. Initially it is a combination of physical and emotional attraction. What turns the spark into a flame is respect for each other, open communication, and love expressed through feelings and action.

3 Tips on How to Get Him to Be More Romantic

Let’s admit it, not all guys know a thing or two about romance. It’s not that they don’t care; some of them are just clueless. Don’t get me wrong though but it’s important for you to realize that guys like Henry (from the movie 50 first dates) or Logan (from the movie The Lucky One) only exist in the movies. I honestly never met guys like them. Some movies do a great job in putting ideas in our head about what romance is supposed to be. They leave us nothing but great expectations. Is it a bad thing? A little bit.

Finding Love After 60 Is Possible When You Know How!

Finding love after 60 is a fact of life these days. If you have lost a spouse or have just never gotten around to finding your soul mate, have no fear. No matter what your age is, you can find true love.

Women Men Fall In Love With

Are there characteristics of women that men fall in love with? 3 characteristics of women men fall in love with.

How to Get Him to Chase Me Without Playing Games

Men tend to be mystifying sometimes and it’s often hard to figure out what they really want. I guess it all boils down to individual preferences. What works for most men may not work for some. Their behavior can be confusing. He calls or texts you every day, he does nice things for you, engages you on a public display of affection, he even introduced you to his friends only to turn around in the blink of an eye and everything is not how it used to be. I do not know any woman who hasn’t fallen for that grand opening game only to be disappointed without a warning. Is it possible to get him to chase me?

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