The Uncomfortable Truth About Why You and Your Partner Struggle to Communicate | Relationship Theory

2 Minute Warning Saves Your Marriage? Happy, Sexy Love Advice

Discover your 2 most vulnerable times each day to use this football strategy to spark a lasting love in your relationship. Results appear like magic but proven by brain science. Rescue romance and love starting today.

Lazy In Love

Love… such an all consuming, insidious emotion. Does it ever last? Truly last? The act of being in love requires action. LOVE is a verb… it’s something you do… not just something you say.

How to Get My Girlfriend Back – And For Good This Time!

Everyone knows that break ups are never easy and really are a horrible thing to have to go through. But what can be worse is when you’ve broken up and you find that you just want to get back together! The challenging part is that both people from the relationship don’t necessarily want to get back together and even before you think about it, you need to understand what went wrong in the first place. This article is for guys that have recently broken up with their girlfriend and want to get their girlfriend back for good.

Are You In A Loving Lasting Relationship?

Romantic love is often considered to be mysterious, even risky because it’s something we tend to fall into and out of. Unfortunately, this can lead to real problems. You see we depend on our romantic partners more and more for support and social connection, yet we complain of chronic loneliness, anxiety, and depression.

Remembering Backwards: A Loop Into Primal Pain and What That Has To Do With Your Relationship

The article tells my unique experience from a one week primal therapy intensive and shares my learnings and insights. I then go on to explain how our wounded inner child havocs our intimate relationships and what we can do to heal this.

Co-Dependency in Intimate Relationships-Effortless Transformation From Lack and Need to Fullness

This article is about how we as women give away our personal power in intimate relationships by making ourselves dependent on our partners to give us love, strength, support and approval. It shows why this makes us unhappy in the long run and how we can reclaim our personal power by connecting deeply with the wisdom of our feminine hearts. You will be shown the hidden keys to lasting love and a sustainable way of being in relationship that nurtures you in a way that is beyond dependency and sacrifice.

How To Create A Deeper Sense Of Love And Connection With Your Intimate Partner

This article explains how most couples lose their sense of connection and love over time because they are lost in the “harmony trap.” It goes on to explain how to have an ongoing feeling of deeper intimacy and love by showing up as authentic with our partners and allowing ourselves to fully express our real feelings, even anger, in a safe way.

Five Ways To Make Your Love Last

What can you do to make your relationship last? The top five ways to make love last are here, including one surprising one!

How to Manifest True Love in 3 Steps (Do THIS Once a Day, But DON’T Overdo It!)

Who else wants to attract their soulmate into your life? Are you sick and tired of going from relationship to relationship, and disappointment after disappointment, without finding that one person who truly fits you like a glove? The truth is, as a spiritual intuitive, psychic precognitive and emotional empath, I get more questions about love, romance and relationship than just about all other fate or fortune related calls put together.

Opening Your Heart to Safe Love

At the deepest level of our soul and spirit we know that we are love. We all crave to experience this love in a tangible way. We know it’s within us and that we have the capability of flowing this love through our hearts. And, we want and need to express it with other people. But we’ve all experienced hurt, loss, and woundedness in our past that has caused us to close our hearts to the experience of love with ourselves and with others.

What Men Are REALLY Looking For (It’s Not What You Think!)

All a man sees in your love without deep connection is need and urgency – and he doesn’t get it! Find out what a man is REALLY looking for in a woman here.

The Surprising Thing Men REALLY Want

Many women have this perception that what men really want is a woman who’s giving and nurturing, and who takes care of his every need. The opposite is actually true! The truth is, men are “production junkies.” They feel good when their “producing” energy is being thoroughly used up – for men, this is insatiable. Find out how to USE this principle to make him fall deeply in love with you.

How Love Makes Living More Meaningful

In the present day world where love is considered to be non-existent or just a physical need many wonder what love is? This article highlights the passion and strength of love. It explains how love helps to accept the different phases of life and enjoy the splendour of living.

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