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Reflections on Love (the Golden Gate)

Love is that thing which engulfs you in bear-hug and embrace. You couldn’t push it away, sometimes, you don’t want it?, and neither do you wish to get out of it while it lasts… It takes you from the desert – the hot sands, where you are perpetually thirsty with no hope of living water- to the sandy beaches…

Going Deeper – The Glue That Helps Relationships Stick

Would you like to go deeper in your relationship? Would you like to have the skill of being able to connect really deeper with your partner or anyone else that is important to you? This article will show you some doable, easy ways to do this. It will show you ways to really get the sticking power to have love stay with you and get incredibly deep. Have fun practicing…

How to Get Relationship Advice From a Love Psychic – What a Reading CAN and CANNOT Do

Q: Can a psychic tell me if I’m going to find true love? Can a reading tell me if I’ve found my soulmate? Can a psychic help me get back with my boyfriend?

Relationships Work For As Long As They Work

Readers will learn that love is an action, not just a feeling and will learn strategies that help them to take actions that come from their highest and best self. Readers will be amazed and delighted by the improved intimacy they will be able to share when they utilize the strategies for learning and growing both as an individual and as an individual in relationship.

Don’t You Want To Stay Here Another Day?

Why do we try so hard to make someone stay with us? The reasons run the gauntlet from, “I’m afraid to leave,” I don’t think I can make it on my own,” “What if it doesn’t get better,” all the way to “A psychic told me this is my soul mate… ” and so we hope they will stay just another day. What do we hope will happen; that they will suddenly remember that they said they loved us, or would never leave?

What You Can Learn About Love From Your Dog

You can learn a lot about love from your dog – after all they are known as man’s best friend. The way they give and receive love to you can teach you an awful lot about giving and receiving love to others and can ultimately help you to achieve a loving and lasting relationship with a fellow human being.

3 Ways to Be Completely Irresistible to Men

Even though men are a very logical and predictable species, in many ways, many women are still eluded by what turns them off and on about us. Learn three key ways to emanate an irresistible appeal to quality men.

4 Ways to Pastorally Care for the Vulnerable and Exposed

Those potentially exposed and vulnerable are those subject to domestic or family violence, immigrants, women and children, marginalised groups, new workers, the mentally ill, young people, older people, and people in a life transition. This list goes on, unfortunately.

Looking For a New Relationship? Start by Creating a Loving Space

If you are single and thinking about being double then a great and easy place to start is in the space you’ve created at home. Your dishes and shirts and undies and toothpaste are all convenient for who? For you. If you want to attract a partner start making space for them. At least pick up a spare tooth brush and some nice bathroom products to bring out on that special occasion.

Why We Make Each Other Better

“I’m a better man,” I’m a better woman,” “I’m who I am because of you… ” Why are these statements about who we have become when we love another person true? Being in love opens the floodgates of the best we can become within all of us. This emotion is the highest calling to humans and the most powerful force available to everyone; it is capable of overcoming every negative force we have permitted to enter our lives. We are better people when we are loved and loving.

The Journey of Love In the Heart of God

WHAT may we do without love? What may we accomplish? Many things, with little doubt. But to operate without love is to build in vain, whatever we’re building.

Relationship Tune-Up

This article or post discusses on ways to communicate effectively on the likes/dislikes of the relationships. It allows you discover red flags before it becomes a real issue.

10 Ways to Forgive, and Forgive Again and Again

GRACE rocks our world when we finally realise that what God has extended to us we cannot extend to another person quite so easily. Grace is costly. If it’s cheap it’s not grace. Grace suggests that we can and will forgive again and again.

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