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Relationship Between Brother And Sister

Sibling rivalry is the result of competitive relationship or animosity between siblings, blood related or not. It is believed that competition between siblings arises because one of the siblings gets more attention from parents.

Dad’s Way To Celebrate Mom’s First Mother’s Day

Dad’s guide to celebrate Mom’s first Mother’s Day. Game plan to surprise Mom with great pleasure. Pamper Mom with something awesome that will make her very happy. Breakfast in bed is something that will make Mom very happy. A romantic dinner at home after the baby sleeps will be even better. Photo shoot, visit to her favourite spa or salon, preparing a playlist full of motherly songs are few activities that will make Mom very happy and proud of Dad.

How to Make Your Man Crazy About You

Not all pretty girls can make their men go crazy over them. It is not the face nor the body that makes your man stick with you. It is beyond what meets the eye. You may wonder why unattractive women catch the most eligible bachelor in town? Personality-wise you can make your man go crazy about you too.

How to Make Your Man Want and Need You More

It is really obvious that we women want our man to stick with us not only for sex but to desire us for a lifetime. Here are my tips to charm your man. Just remember everything is completely under your control you may follow these tips, trim it down or maximize the approach it is all up to you. The surefire is, you make him want you more than you expect.

Keys to Staying Connected in Your Relationship

Happy couples create a family culture that includes both of their dreams. In being open to each other’s perspectives and opinions you become more receptive to each other which naturally brings you together as a happier couple with an aligned future to get you through tough times. These four elements: rituals of connection, shared views, shared goals and shared values are what constitute a shared meaning. Your shared meaning may evolve over the coming years and it’s important to stay connected and support each other when life changes occur. Always remember that discussion is key here and you should agree on any significant life changes you make before moving forwards.

Loving Yourself When Your Partner Shuts You Out

What do you do when your partner shuts you out? Do you know that being shut out and stonewalled is even more hurtful than being yelled at? Children would rather get yelled at or even hit than ignored.

Loving Deeply

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend but not healthy because loving too much can rob you of your positive self-concept and self-esteem.

The Love Paradox

LOSS taught me love in a paradoxical reversal of fortunes. What was loss was gain. And it could be learned no other way.

Loving Yourself When Your Partner Is Needy

Are you an empathetic person who feels others’ pain and then takes responsibility for their feelings in an effort to alleviate their pain? Is it hard for you to feel others’ pain without trying to fix them? Often, empathic people become caretakers to try to alleviate others’ pain so they don’t have to feel that pain.

My Valentine

What to do in a marriage. How I love my husband 17 years in marriage.

Maybe Sometimes Love Isn’t Enough

Have you ever thought why you hate your work or feel a divorce is required or become a drug addict or alcoholic? Do you feel this way? Have you ever pondered about it at your root level? Could there be one unanimous big reason behind it all? Look inside to find out.

Loving Or Getting Love – Changing Your Life Orientation

We all want to be loved. It seems so very natural to try to get it. The Bible encourages a very different strategy which I have found works quite well. It actually reverses our natural orientation on the subject of love in relationships. Of course, our cooperation is required. Whether you hunger for a romantic relationship or just some great friendships, this piece can help you position yourself for greater personal peace and better quality relationships.

Valentine’s Day: 14 Roses and a Funeral

Thule was my kind of girl. She was tall like a model, slender but not skinny, and light in complexion – a true yellow bone. She had everything going for her – a perfect body complete with curves. She had beautiful blue eyes, and her set of dazzling, angel-white teeth gleamed as she blew gently on her carmine-red fingernails. She had saccharine sweet lips that only spoke words of kindness. They were blossom soft. She had a soothing voice and a bubbly personality.

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