THIS Is How You Speak to Your Partner About Your PAST Relationships

How to Dump Your Mate

Do you feel as if it’s time to call it quits? Have you been contemplating on how to end your relationship? Find out how.

THE TOAST: Romantic Toast Letter

The silky honey of my inexhaustible comb. I will proselytize you into before I see my tomb.

Love, Dating and Marriage

You deserve to be happy. You deserve to find true love. Love, dating and marriage are the sequence of steps many have taken in their hope of finding real happiness. However for many, it has been dashed hopes all the way. Why does this happen? You deserve to spend your life with a soul mate who truly loves you, however learning how to do it right must be your very first step.

Love Sick? How to Quickly Get Over a Broken Heart (And Focus on Finding Your One True Love)

Q: What is the easiest way to get over a broken heart? What if simply can’t move on after a relationship is over? What can I do to get over him.

Before You Look For Your Mr Right Know What You Are Looking For

It requires than that you just want the right man to love and find you. You will never know or recognize when you have found the right man, until you take the time to figure out the type of qualities that you need in a man.


The force of love is capable of tearing down walls of pain to allow the passage of gain. Most of the mountains we see in our mind’s eye will never become reality; they will just be mere troubling thoughts. The continuous expressions of love are like the waterfalls that never end, and it can affect every aspect of our lives. It has a way to stream into the way we move, speak and even what we wear. A heated heart is a heart bubbling for expression, it is always ready to render to people in need, always ready to share a little kindness, and it is as a sensitive volcano ready to erupt at the slightest stimulation.


Most times, our feeling find no vocabulary or mere words to express themselves. The feelings a man possess for his loved one cannot be fully emphasized and explained, this always make the act of love look foolish. You cannot clearly explicate on the source of joy that springs from a happy union. When extremists fall in love, nothing else matter; they are willing to die a thousand times for the love to keep existing.

How to Get Your Man to Love You Endlessly

Have you been asking yourself about how to get your man to love you forever? Do you sometimes feel that your man is losing interest in you or as if he doesn’t love you the way he did?   Every woman wants to know how she can attract their man even more and keep him in love with her forever.

Accepting the Feelings of the Heart

Accepting our feelings without judging them is peace. When we have such peace, because we have reached into our hearts, we are able to reach into others’ hearts. Our keenness for judgment dissipates when we reach into the heart. Love becomes us. To truly understand we must reach the heart.

How To Make Him Fall In Love And Want To Propose

Learning how to make him fall in love is easier than most women make it. If you are frustrated with your guy, use these tips to end the lack of commitment and begin the blissfulness.

How Can I Love My Wife More?

Have you ever ask yourself, how can I love my wife more? If you have ever pondered this question then maybe my suggestions can help. With today’s fast paced society we sometimes forget the one we love the most in our life, our wife.

Does He Love Me – 3 Signs The He Loves You

Are you in a relationship and wonder “does he love me?”. If you have been dating him for awhile and you can’t tell if he loves you, there are 3 signs that you can look for to determine how committed he is to you. There are also things that you can do and not do, to make him want to be with you. Read on to find out more.

What’s With Romantic Love and Marriage?

There is information on romantic love and marriage that many over-due for marriage folks wished they had been taught before ever going into dating. A few are presented here-in with a conviction that it is better late than never when it comes to doing the right thing. Love is preferred to lust and romantic love is not a must before a happy lasting marriage

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