What to Do If A Hobby is Jeopardizing Your Relationship | Relationship Theory

Is Your Boyfriend the Man You Are Looking for? Do the Boyfriend Test!

A simple little question and answer game to help you ascertain whether your boyfriend is a keeper. It’s called ‘the boyfriend test’. The boyfriend test is a series of 6 questions that help you determine whether your boyfriend is the dude or a dud. A keeper or a goner. Three of the questions are red flag items, the other three are all systems go items. How does your man measure up?

This Is Real Love

What is the evidence of real love? What are the actions and mindsets of someone who lives with love? I know each of us could come up with our own definitions, but I’m led to believe that the best definition of love is found in the bible.

Five Hidden Truths of Love

Love is tagged by hidden meanings, pertaining to each individual case as it grows and changes form with time. These tags help us identify the symptoms, the hidden truths to this emotion that paralyses the heart at any given time in our existence. If we are new at this then these tags help us define the emotion we experience. If we are old at this then they guide us on our path as they shape and strengthen our relationship.

How Numerology Compatibility Can Help Your Love Life

Numerology is an ancient study of the way in which an individual’s personal energy interacts with the universe and with others. This energy is quantified in numerical terms. Through a series of calculations, a numerologist is able to find an individual’s personal number, which can help that person answer questions regarding life, relationships and financial issues.

Will I Get Married? How to See the Future (When It Comes to LOVE)

Will I ever get married? Do I have a soulmate? Am I destined to spend my life alone.

Top 10 Flirting “Do’s” To Snag Your Ex Partner’s Attention Again

If you want to ensnare your partner’s undivided attention in particular that of your ex, then flirting is definitely key to the success of your new relationship. But you can’t just have at it, you need the right information to flirt the right way otherwise you could be sending all kinds of mixed messages, especially if you aren’t aware of what you’re doing.

5 Tips to Finding Love Online

There are many good ways how you can find that person you’ve always been looking for online. You just have to use a few ideas to get going when finding someone of use.

How To Know That You Are Love-Stuck

If these statements are applicable for your case, then you are in love. when you have a weird, deep, and warm feeling.You feel like you have a problem and at the same time you are happy.

Signs Your Girlfriend Wants to Get Back Together With You

Have you ever wished to get back together with your ex girlfriend, but you discover yourself unsure as whether she is feeling the similar thing or not? If your answer is yes to this subject, then this article can certainly give you the information which you need in order to assist you determine if your ex-girlfriend wants to get back together or not with you.

He Won’t Commit: How To Recognize An Unavailable Man

The “practiced” unavailable man will at first sweep you off your feet. He will appear to be the very opposite of who he really is. These are the men you usually fall for quick and hard.

Do You Believe You Deserve Love?

Your negative thoughts about men can keep you from feeling close to a man. But there are even more destructive thoughts that can sabotage your best intentions and keep you from having that wonderful relationship you’ve always wanted.

Can A Friend Become A Girlfriend?

Trying to extend a friendship into a physical and emotional relationship is never an easy situation. You must decide if the risk of losing everything is worth the reward of falling in love.

Proposing to Your Loved One

Marriage is a turning point in one’s life. It is a bond through which two people become united with each other. Through marriage, one expresses his/ her feelings of love and expression to another and makes a commitment through which the relationship between them becomes stronger.

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