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20 Seconds Makes Your Heart Beat Stronger

I recently had a coaching call with one of my clients, Doris, from the UK who was feeling a bit remorseful about having to spend another birthday alone. Is it worth it to you to spend 20 seconds today to change one thought that could help you have a healthier heart and could possibly draw a better man into your world?

Love for One or Love for All?

Well I guess that really is the question right? We’ve all seen movies like The Notebook or my all time favorite Titanic — even though it had a very sad ending nonetheless its a love story. Love is powerful so powerful that it really does affect your emotions from being really happy one moment to sad the next. It seems like each year the love I have for my husband gets stronger by the year, by the day, or better yet by the hour. See that’s the thing I personally love for one and then I love for all so there are no sides.

I’m Looking For Something But I Can’t Seem To Find Where It Is

One woman’s journey to finding true love and friendship in one single soul. In making the changes in the right person comes enlightenment and a new found love.

10 Flowers That Represent Love

Different flowers represent different emotions. Some of the flowers that symbolize love have been mentioned in this article.

Do I Fit in Here? Will I Ever Fit?

Of all the decisions that are made hard for us, the felt state of not fitting in makes decisions to leave a lot easier. There are relationships, where, no matter our effort, we just don’t feel ourselves; they don’t feel right. We feel like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole… there is hope.

Right Approach To Love

It could be a hard decision to let someone you don’t know from Adam into your heart, but the chances are that could also mark the beginning of a relationship that might change your life. It’s really an awesome feeling to be in love but if you don’t give it a chance, you may not get to know what it’s like to be loved.

How to Attract What You Want Through Self-Love

How you can attract the relationship you’re looking for. It’s a totally new approach to attracting the relationship (and all) you desire through radical self-love. It’s not what your mamma taught you! It IS the key to lasting, long term, intimate relationships!

Love Is Not Enough!

Love is necessary in parenting, teaching, marriages, and almost all work that we do, even if it’s just loving our work. Love is NECESSARY. But it is insufficient. Skill and thought out strategies, excellent communication and behavior is also needed for success in life.

Want to Know If He Loves You? Do THIS! (But Don’t Overdo It)

As a love intuitive and relationship advisor with thousands of published articles in the love, lust, romance and relationship niche….there is ONE question that comes up more than any other, ESPECIALLY when it comes to women readers: “Does he REALLY love me….and if YES, how can I tell for sure?” Most women make a series of desperate mistakes when it comes to trying to figure out what a man REALLY feels. First, we wrongly assume that a man will express himself honestly when pressed, prodded and prompted to share his feelings about a romantic relationship.

What to Do If You Fall Out of Love

We are not born to be perfect. There is no harm in acknowledging your failures. As humans, we make mistakes and misjudge others. Do not let hard facts defeat you. Admitting you are out of love is admirable encourage

Are You Sure It’s LOVE?

Do you know how to recognize love when it’s staring you in the face? Or, better yet, can you recognize when it’s not love at all? Let’s talk about LOVE, the true sense of the word, according to Word of God…

Anger Versus the Effort of Love

For all that can be said about anger, we can know this about it. It never benefits relationships unless such anger is expressed in moderation – where anger might motivate us to communicate the truth in love. But that’s not really the anger we have in frame here… The anger that fills our minds is the anger that has betrayed us.

Relationship Blues? You Gotta Read This!

Today, relationships are crumbling all around us. None are exempt from this observation. Many have firsthand knowledge. Some of us have condemned our own marriages and friendships as unfit for continued participation. But before you dump the relationship consider this…

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