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Chemistry of Love

It is a short story about the realisation of love and also the changing views about love as you grow wiser. I have tried to convey a simple message that love is an eternal feeling but not necessarily remains in the same form always. So we should invite this emotion and enjoy it thoroughly as not everybody is fortunate enough to experience it.

The Spirit of Conquest or Cooperation

The underpinning of conquest and cooperation is love; love is lacking in and possibly missing from the former, yet love is to the glory of God in the latter. Only by love can the glory of God in myriad manifestation be seen. Whose kingdom are you building in your life: the Lord’s or your own?

How I Became A Prison Wife

Marrying an inmate was not the plan designed for my future. After surviving breast cancer, leukemia, and a bone marrow transplant, it was not expected that I would pick up and move 600 miles to marry a man incarcerated. But alas, this is how I became a prison wife.

Love Is Truth In Action, Acted Out Lovingly

WHAT is love? An age-old question. My thought here is love is truth in action, acted out lovingly. Let me attempt to convince you, by making the following statements, and by supporting those statements with my understanding of what love truly is – love in and among the common people, as a communicated reality of divine delight in relationship.

Just How Much Does God Love Me?

Recording artist, Nathan Tasker, says in his music, “God cannot love you more, and will not love you less.” God’s love is the fullest possible expression of unconditional love; and, especially as we consider how sinful we are, God’s love is crazy. It makes no sense to us, except if we’re a parent – then we have some idea of the craziness of love that becomes unconditional.

Forgiveness – The Glory Experienced In Experiencing God’s Grace

In simply being honest about our mistakes, God’s glory, and not simply his grace, is made available. Honesty makes it possible that we can be forgiven. In being forgiven, God’s glory, and not simply his grace, is made manifest.

How Much Do You Really Lover Her?

“Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her” (Eph 5:25) The union of husband and wife is a setting for love at its best. Tender love on one side matches loving obedience on the other. And the grand rule for every husband to make marriage thrive is: Love your wife as Christ loved the Church.

What Does Your Home Say About Your Readiness for Love?

We work on our minds, we improve our bodies, and we deepen our connection to our souls in hopes of alluring the right partner. But what about our environment in which we live, our home? So much time is spent trying to attract Mr. Right, but are you even ready for when he arrives?

How To Love, Accept a Gift, And Be Grateful in Life!

What is love? If love is a God’s blessing, then why it causes unhappiness in life? There are ‘dos and don’ts’ in love, about which we are not fully aware. We need to learn – how to love! When, a gift to a friend, is not fully appreciated, it hurts. It occurs more often than not, but we don’t come to know. Human nature is a paradox personified: it forgets good deeds of friends, but it never forgets the negative interaction with friends. We need to learn to be thankful in life, and to curtail our expectations from others.

What Is Love And Why We Love Each Other

Love is basically a feeling simply like outrage, disdain, desire. Like all feelings, love too has no course of events; it is not eternal either. We take love to mean living respectively, sharing euphoria and distress, watching over one another’s necessities and longings, sharing pastimes, intrigues and likes and aversions for individuals, sustenance, dresses, sports, books.

Be Care-Free In Love But Not Care-Less

How many definitions have you heard about perfect love? There are oodles of suggestions and quotes but the ulterior thing is trust, adjustment, honesty and unfailing compassion for your partner. Look here.

When They Tell You They Love You

The magic words most ladies want to hear, I love you, you know I love you, and Girl I love you. Well those words may land in your heart or in your stomach depending upon who is saying this and where the relationship has gone are is going.

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