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Will You Find True Love This Valentine’s Day?

This article discusses the traits and characteristics of true love. If you’re single, you will learn what to look for to find that special someone. If and when you are in a committed relationship, you will learn how to make your relationship stronger and more fulfilling.

Can You Love Too Much?

How does love become codependent and when is loving too much bad? Understand caregiving vs. caretaking and how love can harm us and our relationships.

A Story From an Ordinary Guy

I am an average person, just like anybody else. I love, I eat, and I sleep and do countless other activities that make my time more pleasant. Of course, man was not made to be a lonely being. I craved to find someone that will resonate with the same energy waves just like me. Old says state that you know, you feel it, when someone is just right for you.

Rhythm Of The Rain

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain so many times it makes you want to cry out in vain. The pitter patter beat cascading down synchronizes with the beat of a lonely heart. For Tom Jenkins, a quiet solitary man on the eve of his 65th birthday came a somber reflection of the one that got away.

Jesus’ Sermon On the Mount – Matthew 5 Verses 31-32

When we are engaging in secret liaisons of the mind we are just as guilty as we would be if we engaged in the physical act. Conjuring the theft of an item is as bad as stealing it. If we construct in our minds the ‘theft’ of a woman (who is not our wife) – by our impure thoughts – we have stolen her, and we have stolen something also from our wife (that part of us – our whole – that we have given her). She neither gave permission nor did our wife have any idea what was going on. Further, and principally, we have sinned against the Lord – those given in marriage are given to us – united to us – by the Lord. And these are just the obvious threads of sin, for what starts out in secret – a big huge lie – can only compound itself and snowball as it rolls down the hill to the part-destruction of many innocent lives in our circle of influence. It is never God’s will to enter into relational catastrophe of our own choosing or making.

Jesus’ Sermon On the Mount – Matthew 5 Verse 29

ADDICTS find the point of surrender to the behaviours of their illness one of dissociating from the realities of reason, such that a more illogical agreement can be entered into. This is a negative dissociation. Let’s explore another use of dissociation – oppositely arranged – to empower us against the matters of the mind that will get us into trouble because of temptation.

How to Get and Keep Your Lover

Getting someone to be attracted to you or to fall in love with you is the easy part. The hardest part is getting that person to feel the same way about you for the rest of your life.

The Important Things About Love

Over the centuries many have tried to define and write about love. Some authors approach it from a spiritual perspective whereas others focus on the romantic aspects. Valentine’s Day, of course, commercializes the idea of love and offers opportunities to express it with gift-giving.

Roommates or Soulmates? Radical Romance Is the Key!

Falling in love is easy, staying in love can seem impossible. Feeling more like roommates than soulmates? Try Radical Romance!

If Love Stops Growing, Is It Dying?

See how to breathe new life in a dying relationship, using power we all possess. Do this at home to rescue romance, regain respect, renew happy sexy love.

Why Do In Laws Fall In Love – Does It Last?

How common is it to fall in love with your brother or sister in-law? It depends on how you define ‘in love’. Infatuations develop between in-laws far more often than most might imagine. Why does this happen? The most common reasons range from surprising to shocking.

Valentine’s Day and The Myth of Romantic Telepathy

With Valentines Day we often have hopes and expectations riding on the occasion. Because it is THE romantics’ holiday, we also often expect our partners to know intuitively how we want the day to be marked or celebrated. Part of the romantic myth is the belief that true love brings the ability to read the beloved’s mind. It’s a MYTH.

Loving You Could Never Be Better – So Why Am I Lonely?

What is love; what are we feeling when we say we are in love with someone? There is a great divide between loving someone and being in love with them. Love can be affection, friendship and fondness and still be real. Being in love includes much more, like trust, respect, tenderness, devotion and passion. Loving another can never be better than when it includes all of these emotions; we feel complete. Well, kind of; it seemed that way in the beginning. How is it that we were fortunate to find everything we hoped for and suddenly feel alone, lonely in this place we have strived so hard to find?

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