What to Do When Your Partner is Negative and Won’t Change | Relationship Theory

9 Reasons Those Who Have Reached Spiritual Enlightenment Make Better Mates

If you are tired of dating the same type of guy or gal and wondering who the ideal mate is, give those who have reached spiritual enlightenment a try. You will find many of the complaints associated with the general dating pool can be alleviated by seeking out one of these people.

6 Signs That She Loves You

Where women thrive on hearing those three little words from men, men prefer to see actions that prove to them how someone feels about them. Women are very good at sensing this and will show you through their actions how they feel about you. If she…

What Is Love? Dismantle Ideas for an Authentic Experience of Love

Actually love never hurts, but it is our ideas about love which hurt us in the end. Let’s see if we can dismantle these ideas and notions about love so we can open the way to a more authentic experience. Growing up we are sold so many ideas about what love means and how love ought to be. With these notions about love, we battle the world, constantly searching for our ideal. But compared to ideals and memories, love as it is in the moment, has no chance to breathe. Our experiences of love may vary, but love itself is constant, continuous, fundamental to our existence and inherent connectedness. Love is without cause, choice, or boundary. It is always here, in the moment, like life itself. When we are clear, when we have space, when we allow, the experience of love arises spontaneously.

Romance and Love

Romance often has its lifecycle. It may begin with fantasies about a person, followed by a craving to be in communication with him / her. When communication progresses to a comfortable level, it could be the next stage of reinforcing the established contact with the expression of trust. Mind you – almost all significant relationships are founded on trust. Romantic relationship too needs to be built on trust. The key in building trust is to send out seemingly genuine messages of “I trust you” to the other. Towards this, what better way can there be than disclosing (sharing) closely personal information! The self-disclosure stage brings the romantic partners closer. But this also gives them an opportunity to travel deeper into the other’s closely personal inner self. Next stage would be of playing up emotional games to test the strength of the commitment of the romantic other. This testing is inevitable because those getting into genuine romantic relationships would like to explore the safety, security, reliability and the potential rewards of the emotional investment just like an investor of money checking out these very factors of a bank in which he / she is going to invest.

The Beauty Love Can Give

According to some people, love makes the world go round, but for me love is what makes life worth living for despite its idiosyncrasies. Love keeps us moving forward despite the hardships that we encounter.

Cute Love Quotes for Her on Valentine’s Day

If you are seeking cute love quotes for her, you are in luck! There are many famous references to words that capture adoration and fond emotions. Read on for some wonderful and inspiring quotes.

How to Make Your Valentine’s Day Gift Giving a Real Art

Love is nourished by new things; so, boredom is considered to be the most avoidable thing in love. Offering your beloved one a meaningful gift on Valentine’s Day is one of the ways to add more flavors to increase the taste of your love. Most of us think that giving a gift to a normal friend is easy; however, many people find it difficult to choose an interesting way to offer a meaningful gift to a very special one on this day of love. Have you ever wondered how to make the act of gift giving meaningful and appealing to your love on this very special day? Then, you may find the following tips helpful and interesting.

Don’t Hate the Love Month, Learn to Love It!

Love and intimacy are around us all the time in different forms. If you break down the components of a romantic relationship, you might find you have a lot of love around.

Is Love Blind – What Love Really Sees

Blindly in love, blinded by love, madly in love, insanely in love, head over heels or even ‘lost our heads’ all describe being in love. Is there any other emotion that is so desired and sought after yet so often described as an emotional or physical illness? Ha! What is this thing that controls our minds, our hearts and even our eyes? Is this a great trick on humanity or the greatest gift ever bestowed by the Creator?

Two Halves Don’t Make a Whole

If you are looking for a relationship to complete you, or to give you meaning, or for your needs to be met, the odds are not in your favor. However, the more whole you have become, the more healing you have achieved in your own psychology, and the better will be the relationship.

Precious Love – How It Makes Us Feel Brand New

So elusive this emotion called love; even if you don’t know what it feels like, you know it’s important. Everyone is searching for it. There’s a look to real love. You see in the eyes of strangers passing by. They rarely see you, they are lost in the magic of being together; it’s a look you can’t hide. What lies within that magic we can’t live without? What happens to us when at last it comes along?

It’s All In The Kiss

Kissing is the fun part of falling and staying in love and there are many songs and quotes about why that first kiss is so important. It has even been suggested that the feel of the first kiss is how we determine if a person is the one for us. Researchers expand on this by informing us that kissing is biology’s way of determining who we will be most genetically compatible with. Not only does kissing connect us in lust and love, but there are many other benefits that do not meet the eye when there is a collision of the lips and tongues.

Celebrating Love

For many people, the month of February dawns with an extraordinary zest. There is no price for guessing. We know that love rules the shortest month of the year.

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