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Valentine’s Day: What Is Love?

This week I was invited to participate in a public discussion on the topic “What is love?” We use the word “love” in so many different contexts. Some people state that they love ice cream or their new car or the arrival of spring. Sometimes we talk about loving concepts such as freedom or truth or justice. Or we use the word love to describe activities such as vacations, sports or walking the dog.

How Do I Love Thee? Most Likely, in at Least One of Four Ways

This idea of love is a tricky one, especially in the English language. We have one word – Love – and its simply not enough. Like a lot of words and ideas, in order to more fully understand the whole Love thing, I needed to expand my definitions, my context. I was introduced to four broad definitions that have helped me a lot in my consideration of this idea – love itself, and God as love. This information allows me to use the word love, and to live the idea of love in my own life in lots of different ways. As a direct result of expanding my understanding of love, my experience of love has also greatly expanded.

The Best Thing About Valentine’s Day

With the exclusive month of love around the corner and several couples in the world preparing for a special Valentine’s Day surprise, we would like to find out the best thing about Valentine’s Day. No we aren’t talking about its history, and how it began or how it should have began, we are talking about the interesting thing that we usually get to see happening to us or around us on a Valentine’s Day.

When Love Is Not Enough: How To Tell If A Relationship Is Ending

Is your relationship in trouble? When to say it’s over.

Take Care of Your Relationships and Improve Your Life

Our relationships with the people in our lives are often a key component in our health and happiness and yet often they can become neglected because of the other demands on our time and energies. Let’s look at some ways we can nurture our relationships and as such improve our lives.

How Dudes Can Stay Out of the Dog House on Valentine’s Day

The key to successful gift giving on Valentine’s Day is thoughtfulness. Show your lady that you took the time to think about her needs and wants. Avoid some of the common presents pitfalls and you’ll be in the clear.

How Could A Blind Man Climb The Love Mountain Without A Guide?

People who still believe love is blind are entitled to their ideas. However, this writer begs to differ. His reasons are that, when two lovers begin to trek up the Love Mountain, they are supposed to be guided by the love that exists between them. And the higher up they trek, the more intense their love for each other – until they reach the top where they find marriage. If this love is blind then how can they be able to avoid say, “landmines” and other “creatures” on their way to the top?

The Key To Your Happiness In Love

When you’re with a man, are you looking to him as HOLDING something that you want? Like he’s holding the key to YOUR happiness? Next time you’re with a man, really notice – when you look at him, do you really see HIM, or do you only see what you WANT from him?

Loving Someone Can Help You To Heal And Become Stronger

The vast expansion of the Universe is there to show you that your love can span the entire Universe. Sometimes we limit ourselves to the people that are right there in front of us when the person for us is in another country or another level of our lives that we haven’t tapped into as yet. Love is a healing elixir. It can heal every and any pain that we are feeling. Love takes us out of the darkness, the pain, the craziness and transcends our life to a higher plain.

He Doesn’t Love You: How the Karma of Connection Works (and How to Instantly Improve Yours)

Why doesn’t he love me? I go out of my way to make him happy…

Developing A Relationship With Personal Engagement (The Need For Personal Time)

When you take the leap from getting to know someone to beginning a dedicated relationship you are saying you are promising to spend the rest of your life together and with that promise comes a new set of standards. A relationship is like a new born baby, it requires time and dedication to grow and develop into maturity. Like a baby you have to spend quality time together to bond and learn about each other. The time spent alone together is the most important thing about a relationship. The time you spend together is more than just being together at home. When you are together you have to make the most of your time together.

Make Your Ex Miss You By Letting Her Be On Her Own

When you think of the things that had gone bad and caused you so much pain will you continue to think of how bad they were? Of course you will not, and it will be the same thing going on with her. She will instead think of the wonderful things you have shared.

How to Make Your Wife Happy With Lavish Words

I’ve been reading the life stories of histories’ great seducers – Casanova, Lord Byron, and Romeo etc. I’ve found one thing common; they all used magnificent words during communication. They mastered the art of playing with words and became the great seducers of their time. Even today, women yearn for them and expect men to be like them.

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