What to Focus on When Going Through a Breakup | Relationship Theory

Easy Ways To Energize Your Relationship

Revitalizing a relationship is not so much as rocket science as it is an art. While we think of more difficult things to do to spice up our relationship and find it hard to come by, we only need to probe our minds to find simple answers. In this article we explore simple things like appreciation and how to work through or around differences. These can be little ‘foxes’ that spoil the vine if we do not handle them well.

“Psychic” Love Connections Explained – The Truth About Neshima and Spiritual Soulmates

Are we meant to be together? Is there a destiny or a karma behind our connection? If so…

Is Your Heart Closed Or Simply Preoccupied Emotional Opening Is In Being Present It’s All In The Hug

Is the difference between being open and closed emotionally simply being focused or preoccupied? Maybe we are just too preoccupied with the stresses and problems of life to be able to relax our mind enough and that is partially what prevents our ability to feel and connect. Feeling your heart is closed, empty or longing to have some connection with another person is real, but what is the real cause of that isolated feeling?

Is He REALLY The One? How to Test Your Spiritual Love Connection

Does he really love me? How can I truly tell? Do we have a timeless, transcendent love connection that is bigger and more beautiful than our bodies.

I Wish She Was Still Here

Before you let go of someone not so perfect in search of someone new, do so carefully… The grass in not greener on the other side! You get what you put in.

Love’s Emotions

Were we taught life skills and love’s human emotions and conflict through Shakespeare especially to crave love so much to the point that we would die for it? From the 17th to the 21st Century what are we teaching youth about human emotion and conflict and is it real?

Give a Love Letter As a Personalized Mothers Day Gift

Give a unique personalized gift for mothers day. Send your wife or mother a love letter. Your expression of love will be truly unique and one-of-a-kind and will win the heart of your loved one forever.

7 Keys to Self-Love and Positive Inner Calm

When we go through life, we are and will be faced with so many different situations. In these different situations and relationships with others, we discover more and more about ourselves and what we are made of. We make many mistakes on the way too, which is part of a learning process. What we also do often is, we make an image of ourselves based on the different roles we play and different behaviors that we express. We attach labels to these roles, actions, emotions and behaviors and so make judgments about ourselves.

How Do I Find Inner Peace With Relationships?

Before we can appreciate seemingly negative experiences with others we must understand the significance of them. When we start doing everything we can to maintain happiness for others, even for just one person, we are on the way to failure. When you make the other person believe that you are the only source for them to be happy, you are actually taking away not only our own power, but also theirs. They will demand more, and so blame you for their unhappiness and there will never be enough time or resources for you to maintain their demands. So if you want to make people happy, it is good to inspire, motivate have fun together and enjoy the company, but make them realize that they can find their happiness also without your help and you, so that they can be strong and independent. This is very powerful!

Diamond Wedding Rings And The Death Of Your Romance

Personally I like true stories. They reach out and touch me emotionally and really connect with me and my own life. Surely you will have a similar reaction to what I am about to tell you. This is a true story about diamond wedding rings and disaster.

The Blessing to Others of Our Self-Awareness

I’ve learned to be suspicious of people who never seem to be wrong, who always have an opinion, and who insist on talking much more than they listen. There is something within me that feels wronged by people who covertly or overtly insist on having the upper hand; people who would feel more hurt at the insinuation that they have room for improvement.

I’ve Fallen In Love And I Hope He Likes My Cat

So you’ve fallen in love, eh? And you really (really) hope he and your cat can live in perfect harmony, too. Read on.

Why Men Give Flowers To Women

The language of communicating with flowers or floriography, dates back to hundred of years as a way for people connect to with each other. The Greeks in particular, regarded it in such high esteem that they associated the existence of flowers with their gods.

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