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Surprise Your Boyfriend: 3 Creative Romantic Birthday Ideas for Him

Looking for creative romantic ideas for him? So your boyfriend’s birthday is around the corner. How are you planning to surprise him and make this day a special sweet memory he will always remember? Find out more…

Best Songs To Listen When You’re In Love

Love is an amazing feeling that even the most beautiful words on earth often fail to capture. It makes you feel special and your life worth living. The beautiful moments of your love should surely be cherished.

5 Romantic Games for Couples

Romance is definitely the most important ingredient that adds amazing flavor to your love life. If your love life lacks romantic elements, it can get real tough for you and your spouse to maintain the strength of your relationship. This is the reason why today’s couples are finding it quite tough to save their relationships from turning into disaster.

How Do You Recognize Mr Right?

Do you know what your Mr. Right looks like? 4 things you need to do in order to recognize your Mr. Right.

Getting His Attention – How to Make a Man Fancy You

If you’re really into him getting his attention is key if you want him to take notice of you. There are subtle things you can do without looking desperate that will arouse his curiosity and want to get to know you better.

You Are Smart, Beautiful, and Sexy

Your man is already out there waiting for you to be ready to allow him into your life; you just have to believe it. Be patient and enjoy your journey. Trust me, he will be worth the wait, and soon you’ll be telling the story of who you used to be before you met.

Tips on How to Find Love Again

Everyone has gone through at least one painful breakup in their life. When you take a chance on love, you are also exposing yourself to the possibility of getting hurt. Being with someone you care about doesn’t come with a guarantee that everything will work out right. Love and pain come hand in hand and it is true when they say that the more you love the more you get hurt. Parting ways with someone is never easy. No matter what the reason as to why the relationship ended, the fact remains that nobody comes home a winner.

A Safer Sex – Shalom and Sexuality

The safest relationships exist under the banner of Sexual Shalom. Nobody is hurt, violated, unconsidered, or exposed in their vulnerability. Trust and respect are givens. Such a state of peace permeates harmoniously and male and female, both, enjoy each other as God first intended.

How to Find Your True Love and Live Your Own “Happily Ever After”

I don’t want to get all “dreamy” and say that “happily ever after” means having a life free from troubles just like how they described it in the fairy tales. For me it means spending your life with someone you love and weathering storms that come your way together. There will definitely be bumps on the road but since you have each other, everything is so much better. Life won’t be perfect even if you find that one person who gives you butterflies in the stomach but knowing that there is someone by your side, it’s not so bad afterall. There are ways on how to find your true love but before you even come down that road, you have to ask yourself first if you are ready. Don’t try to find Mr. Right or Mrs. Right for the wrong reasons.

Keeping the Love You Find: How to Make a Relationship Be on Its Best

Great relationships don’t just happen. Ask any couple that has been together for years and they will tell you that it’s a lot of hard work. What makes two people stay together? Love, respect and honesty? Sure. But that’s not all there is to it. It’s not just about what you have, mostly it’s about what you are willing to do or sacrifice to make your “happily ever after” come true. Here are some tips in keeping the love you find:

What’s Up With Men, Anyway?

I was just reading a post on Facecrack that a dear friend of mine asked for some men to offer feedback on. It was concerning an article she’d seen on a website discussing the differences between men and women, and how those differences made relationships challenging. The author was basically contending (and I’m in agreement, to a large degree) that men get into trouble in relationships because they really don’t know how to contribute their half/part of their emotional responsibilities towards feeding relationships.

A Way To Take Love Deeper

I really believe that, if you were to focus much more on seeing and connecting with the anam cara’s in your life, and truly mined the depth that the very definition of anam cara illuminates, there would be a phenomenal difference in your life and on the planet. This isn’t to minimize the value of conflict and differing opinions, needs, and wants… but, most of the time, you’re working those conflicts and differences out from the Ego’s agenda.

Are You Sleeping Next To A Heavenly Being?

One of the reasons I’ve really come to see has got to be behind the still extraordinarily failure rate of relationships in our country is the fact that your average bear doesn’t have any real conception of why they’re even in a relationship. Oh sure, you know you “feel” a desire to be in one to whatever degree you do when you’re not currently partnered with someone. Your desire for companionship is also a motivator, most likely.

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