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True Love Does Exist

It’s not often you run across someone who was born in 1917, who can share a romantic story of their life and it truly exist in today’s society, unconditional true love comes with a price nowadays. Candidly speaking the last time I heard of such a love story was when I watched the movie, “Titanic.” I was so intrigued by Gabriella’s story I felt compelled to share this romantic love story with everyone I possibly could. The story is about a couple named Alberto and Gabriella who met and fell in love in the early 1900’s, this story is like no other I have heard of or wrote in a very long time.

2 Surefire Ways to Make a Man Fall in Love With You!

Can you really do certain things in a relationship to make a man fall in love with you? Of course you can! Using the right tools and knowledge, when it comes to relationships, will allow you to manipulate a man’s feelings to make him want you bad or even make him fall in love with you.

How Can A Guy Leave The Girl He Loves?

When a guy leaves the girl he loves it’s usually caused by jealousy, accusing him of cheating on her or being too controlling and giving him ultimatums. She pushes him to the limit until he can’t take it anymore so he breaks off the relationship and walks out. She thought she had him under her spell but now she’s alone crying and hurt wondering what she did wrong.

The Essence of Friendship in a Relationship

Love is probably the strongest feeling on this world. A more fulfilling and successful relationship is even a better feeling. Give friendship the attention it deserves before further development of the relationship and you’ll be on track to happiness!

Giving Up on Your Will for the Sake of the Relationship Harms the Intimacy

When you sacrifice your own will “for the sake of the relationship” your relationship seems harmonious, everything is by mutual consent. However, because you don’t allow place to your own will, but rather live according to your partner’s, you begin to feel uncomfortable, frustrated and angry. When you develop Self-Awareness, understand what has driven you to give up on your will and realize the price you pay for it, you can get up the courage to make changes in your life and become able to develop and maintain a healthy relationship.

Authenticity and How It Relates to All Relationships

This article was written to assist anyone who has struggled “connecting” with the people around them. Whether it’s friendships, business, romantic or otherwise, this article will assist in teaching how to “connect” rather than simply “conversing”.

How To Keep A Man In Love

Do yourself a favor and start each and every potential relationship off with the “real” you. If there is something a person doesn’t like about you, maybe it’s not meant to be. The reality of the matter is that the “real” you will eventually come out. Don’t set your relationship up for failure from day one.

True Love

LOVE is the most powerful emotion of all. It’s at the very top of the Emotional Guidance Scale, and rightly so.

How To Catch The Right Lover But The Wrong Man

Some cultures change drastically over time. China is experiencing the emancipated, freedom seeking young woman–smart, sexy, educated, talented, independent, luxury orientated, and having a penchant for foreign men. The young modern Chinese woman also asserts her sexual freedom, and she lavishes sex on the man she falls in love with. But independence and freedom prevail over her love for a man when she discovers that he is not able to live up to her expectations concerning wealth.

I Didn’t Change, You Just Never Knew Me

I have written, several times about finding that someone who is perfect for you throughout my past articles, because it is one of the most important realizations to have when choosing a partner. It is no secret…

Interracial Love and How To Be More Asian

Sometimes people judge you by the most unexpected standards. Do you know what they are really saying? Here are five ways to decipher the real meaning behind the message and turn a potentially hurtful accusation into a positive that strengthens your interracial relationship.

Interracial Love and How to Bring Home a White Boy

Are you anxious about bringing home the one you love to your loved ones? Do you worry that they will reject the one you love? Do you have a “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” script? In this article I will give you seven surefire strategies to help you overcome your fear, avoid rejection and make this meeting a success.

5 Reasons Why Losing Heart Is Not an Option

Romancing the Stone, Mission Impossible, and James Bond are some of my favorite action movies. The one thing that I notice in all these films is that the hero is always facing insurmountable odds while searching and fighting for some priceless treasure.

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