Why do Yin Yoga?

Saying ‘I Love You’ Costs Nothing

Saying ‘I love you’ to your partner doesn’t have to cost the earth. This article is about random acts of affection that cost little but carry a big bang. Small unconditional gestures, messages left for her to find amongst the routine of her day. All these things fan the flames of passion and warm the heart.

Romantic Birthday Ideas – Benefits of Planning a Romantic Birthday for Your Partner

Thinking of a few romantic birthday ideas and planning a romantic birthday for your partner takes time and effort. There is no doubt about it. In our everyday busy lives time is something we wish we had more of. Some of us ask themselves if there are actually any benefits of spending time to come up with romantic ideas to celebrate their partner’s birthday.

How to Find True Love

Anyone who has ever lost a partner, gotten divorced, or ended a relationship can attest that love can be one of life’s greatest blessings. Valentine’s Day can bring the painful reminder of what is missing in one’s love life. This reminder can be very stressful and lonely.

Attract True Love With Your Thoughts

In with the good… and out with the bad. You have the power to create positive experience in your life by changing your thoughts and feelings. Bring positive energy into your life, in order to live with fulfillment and attract true love. Visualize every day as perfectly bright Vibrant with love, hope, joy and light!

How You Can Be Single And Happy

There’s a very popular myth circulating which the mythbusters unfortunately didn’t test yet. It’s the myth that you can’t be happy when you’re not in a relationship. Now, I’m single and I’m ridiculously happy. Myth busted. That was easy. Okay. But how do I do it?

The Extension of Love

Love, those four little letters have caused more chaos and pleasure probably more than any other word I can think of. I myself want to wholeheartedly follow the teaching of love shown by Jesus. It is no easy task.

Online Dating Rules for Women

Few days ago, I was at Starbucks to have a good catch up with my female best friend and she was asking some help about how women should act when dating online. Before I started sharing my knowledge, I asked her to send me her three best photos.

Mistakes in a Relationship

It is heart breaking when people are ending up their relationship and this applies to lovers or even couples who have been together for a long time. It may seem unbelievable for some people but these relationships end for a reason.

Grade Your Relationship Performance

If you had to grade your relationship “performance”, would you give yourself an “A”…or an “F”? Relationship success can only be created deliberately. It is time to ask yourself, “Who do I want to be in this relationship?” Here is a list of qualities that are most important for marital happiness and success.

Is He REALLY in Love With Me? The Unusual “Love Test” Techniques Every Woman Should Learn

How can I tell if he really loves me, or is just waiting for something bigger, better or more exciting to come along? What are the signs that he’s really RIGHT for me, long term? Is there a way to test his love without looking silly or desperate? And if I simply come out and ASK him how he really feels, can I truly trust that he’ll tell me the truth? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at one of the most common questions women ask about PASSION and their partners and how to know if the “ONE” is really who you think he is! Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Love After The Hurt of Family Conflict

A GOOD PLACE to learn compassion and grace is within family – there, apart from our workplaces, we’ll never be more tested regarding our patience, tolerance and familial resilience. And even though love wins comprehensively in the matter of family relationships, generally, there are always times when family will hurt each other.

Fear of Love

Most relationships are dysfunctional not due to lack of love but presence of fear. Fear that has in instilled in us from childhood, from our first heart break and perhaps from past lives as well.

Marriage Is a Crazy Love

The buzz rang across the world. The word was finally out, “Whitney Houston was dead.” The idea that a woman so talented would be forever lost to the world was unthinkable.

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