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The Heart of a Flying Tiger

We all come into the world defenseless and dependant on other human beings. Babies rely on their mothers, special needs children are dependant on humanitarian assistance, and defenseless farmers may need military heroes to protect them. A chance meet of such a hero occurred recently, giving cause for reflection on just how special these earthly angels truly are, and how much we need each them in life.

The Love of My Life

The terms “love of my life” and “soul mate” are thrown around much too casually. What do they really mean in a long-term relationship?

Self-Love: How Can Someone Love Themselves?

When a person gets to a certain age, there is a strong likelihood that they will attend some kind of school. During this time, they will begin to learn about different areas of life and the kind of subjects that will allow them to function in today’s world.

And Spirit

As Americans our concerns for our well being are limited to physical and emotional pleasure in both the monetary success and gratifying our senses. Some-times we need a reminder to care for our spiritual souls too.

What I Did for Love

What does it really mean to be in love? What does it take to be in love? Here’s a story about what we’ll do for the one we love. There should be no limits.

Love: Is It Worth a Battle?

Do you know why, when and how to fight for love? It’s great if you do, but have you fought for yourself first?

Love Is the Most Important Currency

It’s very simple – if you give love you gather love! Whatever vibrations emulate from you are what others feel and they will respond accordingly. Whatever you want to receive from others, especially where love is concerned, you must first become the love you want from them. Looking for your soul mate? The become what you want in that person so you can attract them to you.

God’s Job Description and Ours – We Love As He Loves Us

THREE divinely appointed roles. It makes life much simpler for a Christian to be faithful, to both their faith and to all their relationships, when they can hold this pithy sixteen-word statement (in the article) in the tensions of their consciousness.

The Commitment and Cost of Unconditional Love

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is a thing that is only best exemplified in God. Human beings may aspire to unconditional love, and certainly parents – in most cases – find it inherent in their love for their children.

Why We Love Those Sexy Lovin’ Lies

“You’re beautiful… I can’t keep my eyes off of you, I’ve never felt this way before, You’re so sexy, I think I’m falling in love with you… ” Oh, those sexy lovin’ lies we love to hear from someone we may have known only a few short hours. We allow ourselves to be mesmerized by the words we have longed to hear; and so we close our eyes and fantasize.

Should Have Kept Loving You

How different our lives would be if we could live it looking through the rear view mirror! Even the happiest relationships can become fragile and vulnerable, crumbling like sand falling through our fingers. We watch and still may not see that all that we believed in is slipping away. How did it happen? Why didn’t we see the danger before us?

What Is True Love? Relationships and Counseling

People often use the term “true love”, yet it is often used to describe a very conditional tie between two people. For the sake of illustration, let’s say there are two types of love; Conditional love and the unconditional love. With conditional love there are conditions that need to be met.

Love of a Father

My father was a college English professor. He taught John Steinbeck and Nathaniel Hawthorne and Flannery O’Connor and many other great American writers. I grew up with a large framed picture of William Faulkner hanging on the family wall.

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