Why It’s Critical You Firmly Establish Your Values | Relationship Theory

The Power Of A Four Letter Word

How are healthy boundaries formed? Do you know what to say yes to wholeheartedly? And are you comfortable with saying no? This article discussed the importance of setting boundaries in order to truly connect with others whilst holding one’s own.

Love Letter: LOVE LINES

Life is like a song, if you play it well its melodious sound will attracts others to you. If you play it wrongly you’ll end up scaring people from you and lose a lot of goodwill and benefits. Everything about you speaks; your mood, your gesture, your opinion and your philosophy say a lot about you. Let your words be seasoned and filled with meaning so you could be an example to others.

Love Letter: LOVE CHORUS

A man that can sell and buy his love has not yet found genuine love. No value could be placed on love if it is real. If it’s quantifiable then something else is in play. Silver, gold and diamond will give you extreme satisfaction but this will leave you sober in your days.

Dare To Be Loved

There is an arrangement between males and females creating havoc with marriages and families. Has our culture neglected to expect males to grow-up? Is it possible we are actually encouraging males to remain adolescent and asking females to take care of them?

A Love Letter To Mary

Dear Mary, I know life fetches you the best from its well. For the glow in your eyes always sounds a joyful bell. Deny astonishment when this package of words you behold, They are wonderful fresh words that have never been sold.

We Find Love

This article defines love in a way it is meant to be; SELFLESS! This deeply explains the simple thing to do to find love. Easy way, The only way!

Finding the Soul in Soulmate

This is the second article in a series on understanding the Power of Soul. There are very few people on the planet who are not in search of a soulmate. The largest question for most people is “Where is my soulmate and how can I attract them to me?” We are trained from a very early age to depend on those outside of us to provide for us. Slowly as we get older we are weaned from our caretakers and taught to be self reliant. The relevance to attracting your soulmate is actually very similar to how we grow up. We are taught at an early age to look outside of us for approval from God, parents, teachers, ministers, peers and more. We apply this approach in all aspects of our lives because we know of no other alternative. The masters of the Far East teach introspection, and looking inside for answers instead of outside for approval. So the question becomes, what relevance does any of this have to finding a soulmate?

The Lessons of Love – How Your Experiences Can Help You Find a Perfect Partner!

Just as there is a learning curve with math or science, there can also be a learning curve with falling in love. Some couples are destined for eternity while others are more temporary. Either way, the lessons of love can be learned, relearned and taken with us as we move through our life and our love life.

What Is Considered Love?

Think you’re wanting to know what love actually is? Would you like to determine if your better half really loves you or perhaps not?.

5 Tips to Get Yourself Moving After A Breakup

Have you recently gone through a painful breakup? Do you feel stuck, unable to move forward? There are ways to get yourself moving again and find the true love you deserve.

How Do Men Act When in Love

Wondering how do men act when in love? Well, I wish I could say that there are certain signs to look for, but that’s not always true. The best solution is to create a strong emotional bond so that you can open him up to telling you his true intentions and needs.

Our Most Cherished Myths About Love

A seasoned therapist discusses the most common myths about love in relationships and marriage that most people want to retain. We don’t want to destroy some of the fantasies that we have about romantic love. However, these myths are destructive in the long run..

When Trust Is Not Enough in a Relationship

A psychologist explains why healthy mistrust is too often devalued in relationships and marriage. In all relationships trust and mistrust will co-exist to varying degrees. The trick is to make both realistic.

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