Why You Can’t Stay Away From Toxic Relationships and How to Let Them Go | Relationship Theory

How Can I Tell If He Loves Me So?

Real love, the kind that is lasting and enduring really can be measured. The problem has been that we find it difficult to separate the emotions involved and simply make a logical assessment of the facts. Yet this is a necessary step to arrive at the truth.

Attachment Style: Come Closer, No Go Away

Did you know your relationship style can affect your significant relationship and even other close relationships in your life? Everyone has a relationship style. This article talks about an attachment style that can look hot and cold. You might identify someone you know like this as you are reading it.

Is Your Mother Home?

A simple question causes mindful reflection about the relationship between mother and daughter. Seeking to be known and learning to navigate female identity, it is helpful to recall the relationships in our lives with the greatest influence.

3 Steps for Dealing With Romantic Regrets

Life is comprised of opportunities. We are given (or create) opportunities to win and opportunities to lose. In each situation, we may feel triumphant or defeated, clever or ridiculous, motivated or hopeless. It is all a normal and integral part of the human experience, affecting every area of our lives.

Receiving God’s Love for the Unloved Child In You

The sentiment of lack – of feeling unloved, of worth in things we do rather than in who we are – is palpable, yet it alights our human perspective as we are usually found trying too hard to maintain a victorious and virtuous self-image. God never purposed us to wear a mask as it comes to the intimate relationships he has given us into.

Why Love Surpasses the Law

We are required to fulfil the Law, but by the Law alone we are condemned, because we cannot possibly keep it perfectly. And when we find we cannot do something that God requires, when we urgently seek to obey the LORD, it causes a great deal of inner conflict. This inner conflict is part of the existential chasm we are at odds with all our lives – until, that is, we come to call Christ, Saviour and Lord.

Are You Accidentally Pushing Him Away?

Many women are pushing men away without even realizing it. The cure for this is getting out of your masculine energy and into your feminine energy – and the first step to turning this around is awareness. See if you’re doing any of these things.

How to Use The Law of Attraction to Build Your Love Relationship

Most of us have little or no idea what we want in love, but we have a superb description of what we do not want. Having a superb script of what you do not want in love is the primary challenge with our love relationships. The Law of attraction is much greater than each of us. Therefore, it will work whether or not we are using it knowingly or unknowingly. In other words, if you have a superb script of what you do not want, walk around seeing what you do not want, feel very bad when you see what you do not want, the Law will keep bringing you relationships of the exact relationship you do not want. Use these two steps to move into a more empowering relationship.

The Power of Love in Healing Traumatic Wounds

While trauma survivors desperately need, their loved ones’ support, they often react in ways that push that help away. That can skew survivors’ love relationships for decades, even for a lifetime. But if couples can reach out and face trauma together they can put the dragon to rest.

Single Mom Finding Love

Another year has come and gone, and you still haven’t found love. You aren’t looking for someone to rescue you. You want someone who walks beside you, treats you like you deserve to be treated, and wants to be with you. That’s how it should be, right?! So why does it seem so hard to find? You’re not alone, but now is your year! It’s going to happen, because you’re not meant to be alone. Don’t give up. He’s out there… now go out and find him.

3 Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Get Your Ex Back

Has your ex decided that, out of the blue, he doesn’t want to be with you anymore? If you’d like to get back together with your ex, I want to reveal some of the biggest mistakes you might be making in trying to get him back.

Hate, Love And Love: An Incredible Relationship-Building Game To Help You “Fight” With Your Spouse

Arguments are inevitable in relationships. Therefore, why not turn fighting into an enjoyable relationship-building game.

Can Happiness in Marriage Really Last?

Why are pictures of old people that are hugging or kissing so special and unique these days? Because people want to believe, no, they NEED to believe that young, vibrant love and intimacy can last a lifetime. But life, relationships, hard times and the economy has taken its toll on married couples in the 21st century. Hope is dim, love is a dream, the words happiness and marriage can’t be placed in the same sentence and 50th marriage anniversaries are considered to be a myth. So Can Happiness in Marriage Really Last?

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