Why You Should Never Feel Shame Over Not Having Kids | Relationship Theory

Relationship Secrets: How To Be Understanding

A relationship that lacks understanding has a very short life. This article aims to help individuals develop a good understanding with their partners and enrich their love life.

Why We Love People Who Hurt Us – How Your Childhood Sabotages Love and Marriage

Ever wonder why you married a hurtful mate? Or why you keep attracting dates who hurt you? See why your childhood makes you irresistibly drawn to hurtful people until you heal your Human Magnet Syndrome with this love advice.

Accepting the Differences Between Men and Women

Accepting the differences between men and women. Is it true that men and women may as well be from different planets? Do we really see things so differently? How does this affect our relationships with one another, and how can we accept the differences?

Five Power Communication Keys in a Relationship

The article is about developing good communication habits. Communication plays a vital role in our daily interactions, more so in a love relationship. We want to be understood. We want to be clear-cut in our statements. We want our words to match squarely with our actions and gestures. The best way to do this is through communication. We can do this if we apply these simple rules.

Jamais Vu: The Spiritual Secret for Discovering True Love That Lasts a Lifetime

As an emotional empath, spiritual intuitive and relationship advisor the one question we get more than ANY is about how to create enduring love in a romantic relationship. After all..

Are We Compatible? A Short Story About The KARMA of Connection and Spiritual Soulmates

Do you believe in karma? I do. What about soul mates, spiritual partners, fate, destiny and the serendipity of finding your one true love?

Wearing the Wardrobe of Love

Life or death, from the spiritual perspective, is what ‘life’ is all about. We make choices all the time about whether we venture toward the one or the other. Love is central; love the modus operandi.

When Is It Okay to Lie?

If you want a close relationship, you have to be honest with your partner. For the most part. But if we’re really honest, we understand that a certain amount of non-disclosure, or even outright deception, is required to keep our relationships on an even keel.

Why Do We Lie to the Ones We Love?

We don’t want to lie. We love our partner. We understand a good relationship is built on trust, and that trust depends on our honesty. But sometimes we lie anyway. Why do we do it?

Does He Love Me? 2 Timeless Spiritual Techniques For Tapping Into Your ONE True Love

Is he the ONE? Does he really love me? And – if he DOES… how will I know if this is the relationship that is destined to last forever?

A Tantra Viewpoint Of Karma

For the ignorant, there may be no karmic backlash for an ineptly conducted relationship. They have no clue of their responsibilities in relationships, and experience them more or less at the instinctive level of animals. But for those who are learning tantra from an experienced tantra master, ignorance is no longer an excuse. They have been given the sacred knowledge of their divine nature, and with such knowledge comes responsibility.

Are We Compatible? Ways to Test Your Love Compatibility WITHOUT Him Needing to Know

How Compatible are we? Do we make a good match? How would I know, other than feeling like we have a special connection right now?

How to Tell If He Still Loves Me? (And the 3 Warning Signs It MAY Be Over Forever)

How can I tell if he still loves me? Has the spark gone? Has the attraction dried up?

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