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How to Attract the Love You Desire

Most relationship experts tell us what to look for in our potential partner and after taking their advice, we still aren’t able to find the love we want. What most relationship experts don’t tell us are the things we’re looking for in someone else are the same qualities we need to find in ourselves. Once we possess them, we will attract the mate we desire as a result.

4 Principles of Keeping Love Alive

Keep some principles in mind to assist you in keeping love alive in your present or next relationship! These are the tips I have put together after reading 27 books on the topic, interviewing experts and from my own personal experience in working with couples as a Change Specialist.

The One Thing That Will Make Him Fall Head Over Hills in Love With You

How long have you been in your current relationship? Did everything start off great? Was he doing all sorts of sweet little things just to show you how much he cared about you? That’s pretty much how all relationships start out. But then all of a sudden your man stops doing all those nice things. And when he stopped how did that make you feel? Did you feel like he no longer loved you like he used to?

Move Out and Move On

I spoke with a client recently who felt a desperate need for change. She had been living in a small house with her partner of four years, but it just wasn’t working. Not only was the relationship on the outs, but the house itself was falling apart! Paint was peeling off the walls, the plumbing barely worked, and she spent hours every day fixing things and trying to maintain a semblance of order in their lives.

What Really Makes a Man Fall in Love?

There are certain things that make a man choose one woman over all the others. These are the types of things that can’t be forced. They have to be natural. Below I will share a few of the things that really makes a man fall in love.

Tips For Women: How To Win Your Boyfriend’s Friends

Impressing your boyfriend’s friends isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s like aiming for the good graces of his second family. Not getting their stamp of approval may be a reason to break up as it has been said that 83% of men consider this as a deal breaker.

How To Improve Your Odds of Meeting Your Soulmate (The BEST Way to Know You’re Compatible)

Who else is sick and tired of meeting someone you think is going to be the “1”, only to find out later that they aren’t even CLOSE? Or maybe you aren’t even getting that far, and find yourself struggling to create a connection with ANYONE new at all? The truth is, as an emotional intuitive and empathic relationship coach, in 2013.

Does the Moon Affect Your Love Life?

The moon is a reflection of the spiritual and emotional forces within us. Always shifting, always changing, it reveals who we are and what we are looking for-especially in the realm of love and romance! In fact, understanding our relationship to the moon is a powerful way to bring us closer to the love relationships we seek.

Steps to Ending a Toxic Relationship – Part 1

Are you struggling with feeling drained in your relationship and unsatisfied? Has this ever happened to you before in a relationship? Perhaps there might be some relational patterns in you, or have a tendency to attract toxic people into your life. If your wondering how to end this cycle or pattern but unsure where to start, this article is certainly for you. Perhaps you have a loved one who struggles with toxic relationships, but you feel helpless with how to help them. This article is designed to help individuals who want a healthy relationship, but somehow find themselves in unhealthy relationships. There are specific steps a person does need to consider and take to begin walking away from the toxic.

How To Impress A Girl On Chat?

We live in a virtual age. People like to go to Facebook or other means of chatting tools to meet people. Additionally, dating online has become more popular in recent years than before.

Venus In The Third House

This article explains how someone with Venus in their 3rd house of the zodiac chart affects their relationships. Natives of this placement are quite talkative.

How To Get the Love From Your Ex Back

It is not easy to get rid all memories with your ex. Sometimes, getting back together with your ex could be the solution. Read this article on how to win his/her heart back on you and live as a couple once again.

Real Love Does Not Boast and Isn’t Proud

How can we truly love if we do not know what real love is? Today in our Real Love series we will be helping each other understand real love as we look into, Love does not boast and it isn’t proud.

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