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How to Bring the Romance Back This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here! There is a way you can woo your girlfriend or wife during this special day. Bring your romance back by using these five ways discussed on this article.

Relationship Advice – Does Everyone Have a “Soul Mate”?

We all grow up watching those animated fairytale movies where the prince rescues the princess and then they live happily ever after. We have all heard the term “soul mate”, but is there really only one person on the entire planet whom you are meant to be with? For people who have not yet found their perfect soul mate, it can seem like quite a quest to scour the entire world looking for just that one person who will fit the missing puzzle piece in your life.

The Guide to Writing the Perfect Love Quote

So, you’ve probably done something wrong huh? Why else would you be looking to write your special lady a love quote! All joking aside, it’s really difficult to come up with something that isn’t just the same generic nonsense you got in Valentine’s Day cards back in High School. Have no fear, for you have below the exact ways to write the perfect love quote to woo that certain someone.

A Valentine Treat

This story is about lovers who are in a relationship for 9 years and the girl believes that they will end up getting married. But destiny has a different plan for them. This story aims to convey a simple lesson behind a simple story. To teach us that things are uncertain when it comes to love and we cannot make people stay just because we love them.

Understanding What A Woman Wants!

A woman is perceived to be a “complete mystery” by a majority of men. This article showcases the expectations of women in general. Focusing on the importance of good understanding in a relationship.

How to Be Irresistible to Older Men

It is important to understand the psychology of older men before deciding to hook up with them. What makes one irresistible to older men can be very simple and it’s usually the things that we take for granted or never pay attention to.

The Science Of Love Can Make You Powerful

  The science of love is still not completely understood by scientists but we all know know love when we feel it. Being in love creates chemical reactions in our brain that can improve our outlook on other areas of our life as well. The science of love include terms like dopaine, oxycotin, adrenaline, and seratonin, but really, love doesn’t need to be broken down scientifically in order to feel the benefits.

Summertime and the Lovin’ Is Easy

Well no. It’s not summer here. It’s summer somewhere, though. The seasons ebb and die. Must love be as fleeting as the seasons?

Kiss Day – Seal It With a Kiss!

So what does your partner prefer? Know the kissing style of your partner through their Zodiac Sign and surprise them by reciprocating their kisses in their own unique style.

Hug Day – Celebrate It With a Jaadu Ki Jhappi!

Life is represented by a collection of memories, experiences and decisions. The very incidents that have occurred in your life define you as an individual, who you truly are.

What Real Love Looks Like

Throughout our lives we compile a picture of what we think real love should look like. Often this process begins early, as little girls listening to fairy tales at bed time will envision their very own knight in shining armor. As we grow older, we often imagine finding a soul-mate, that perfect person who we were destined to spend our lives with. To borrow a phrase from Shel Silverstein, we set out looking for our missing piece.

How to Choose the Right Long-Stemmed Rose Bouquet

Long-stemmed roses are the penultimate gift for a special occasion due to their elegant and graceful appearance. The longer stems are especially suited to arrangement in a vase and have helped to make these the favored flower for occasions that require a presentation that makes an impact. Above all, these flowers lend themselves well to packaging in an elegant floral box, adding a touch of class to the delivery.

How to Deal With Loneliness and Heartbreak on Valentine’s Day

Are you struggling with getting over a recent breakup and NOT sure how you are going to deal with Valentines Day? Do you worry about seeing your ex out…

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