Why Your Cheating Past Doesn’t Define You | Relationship Theory

How Do You Define Love in This Day and Age?

A primary goal for so many human beings revolves around relationships, companionship of some kind involving romantic love. It’s human nature. We are social beings and not meant to exist alone.

Jealousy in Love – Is It Healthy?

We live in a “Green world”. By Green I don’t mean “Eco friendly”. Green is the color of ENVY. Jealousy is on every lovers mind but is it healthy for your relationship?

Psychic Love Connections – How to Know If You Are Spiritually Connected to Someone You Love

Are psychic connections real? What sort of bond is built between two people who are in love? Can one person feel the pain of another from a distance?

The First and Only True Love

It was love! It must have been, but try as hard as I can, I still cannot explain from where the feelings came, what they were made of and how they joined two people together to become one and produce a beautiful daughter. I love her now as I loved her then and my heart aches for her as it did then. Alas I live thousands of miles away from her and our daughter, but that first ‘eye contact’ will always stay with me and I will take it to my grave.

Ten Little Love Poems

Love is eternal, from beginning to end, as if eternity has a beginning and an end. Love is enduring even though our use of love often fails because of sin. We fail it. Love does not fail us. Love is the idea of relational perfection. She is an ideal. But love, however hard it is to achieve sustainability, can be achieved.

4 Easy Ways To Keep A Long-Distance Relationship Alive And Healthy

Long-distance relationships require much more effort and care to hold together than other relationships do. This article will teach you four easy ways to make a relationship work when you and your partner are separated by distance.

How To Seriously Find Your Soulmate

The romantic idea of ‘finding your soul mate’ is something that many people dream about across the world, but when it actually comes down to meeting people, it can be difficult. Meeting people can be hard, especially if you are new to a town or city and you are still trying to find good places to go.

Interracial Love and What Heidi Klum Can Teach Us About Big, Bold and Black Love

Intrigued by interracial love? Anxious about bringing home someone from a different race or culture? Do you worry about dagger looks on the street? Find out Heidi Klum’s secret to finding happiness in big, bold and black love that can help you rock your own mixed love.

Interracial Children and Mixed Love Math

Interracial Relationships produce mixed children and creates many questions about race. How do you identify if you come from parents in an interracial marriage? Find out some new ways to think about just who you really are.

The Love of Kindness, No Matter What

Beyond our judgment, people need our mercy. Beyond our ‘helpful’ critiques of their personal situations, people want our benefit of any doubt, in this thing called grace. Beyond our thoughts and doctrine on God and faith, people deserve our compassion. Indeed, we practice what we truly believe by our level of compassion, grace, and mercy – especially when regarding those who differ from us. God wants us most of all to be devoted to love. Kindness is a test of our love.

Thankful for the Love – In Heart, Mind, and Soul

I’m thankful for the love infused in my heart, Oh what a way for each day to start! When envy and boasting have been dismissed, I know by God that my heart’s been kissed. I’m thankful for the love infused in my mind, Fantastically able to endure the grind, When love causes me to own and repent, I know that God’s grace will never relent. I’m thankful for the love infused in my soul, A wondrous thought – it’s my divine role, When I commit to be open it surely will occur, Feelings for God – this love will stir.

The Triangle of Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is a triangle, completed by Acceptance, Understanding, and Appreciation. Unconditional love is the love of God. Unconditional love is the greatest gift we can give or receive. In Acceptance, Understanding, and Appreciation we love unconditionally. Of course, the grandest narrative of unconditional love is the life, obedience, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Why A First Love Breakup Causes So Much Pain

When two young people fall in love for the first time in their lives, it’s the greatest feeling in the world. They want to be together all the time and live in their own little world. The kids at school know they’re a couple and remark how in love they seem to be. They go off to college together making plans for their future. They learn new things from each other and find that most things they like to do are common interests.

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