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Love Is Not Easily Angered

Love is often thought of as a mystery, but here we are going over the exact definition of what real love is. Once we understand what it is, we will be better equipped to cultivate it in our lives. Today we’ll be looking into two aspects of love. Love it is not easily angered and love keeps no record of wrongs.

Are You Looking for a Soul Mate or Friend: Can They Be the Same?

According to researchers about 80% of the general population believes in soul mates, and almost everyone wants a soul mate but they seem so elusive. It seems there are even differing interpretations of how to use the words: “soul mate” can be used as two separate words, as a single term “soulmate” or as a hyphenated word “soul-mate” alluding to the relationship of two people who love each other and plan to be joined together forever. The dash in this case provides a symbolic bridge connecting the two. However one chooses to express the idea of a perfect mate, the question still exists, “What does it really mean?”

Thank You Letter to Parents

We often feel awkward on doing certain things. Many think that actually writing a thank you letter to parents as something trivial or unimportant. That the recipients might not appreciate the gesture, or pass it off as frivolous or corny is most probably what scares us most from it. But think again…

Love Does Not Dishonor Others, It Isn’t Self Seeking

Love gives clarity to a man’s heart and clarity to his purpose. A man who loves has a destiny and a destination. Today let’s look at more of the aspects of love found in 1 Corinthians 13:5 with “love does not dishonor others” and “love is not self-seeking.”

Five Ways to Tell If You Are Loved

We may know people who are royally wined and dined by their partners, who receive fabulous demonstrations of their partners ardour. But is that really love? Let’s look at some of the more subtle ways to tell if we are loved.

How to Get Over a Bad Breakup

This is by no means an in-depth step-by-step of the process but it will get you well on your way to recover from heart breaks. #1 – Resist making the mistakes listed above and agree with the break up. Being agreeable to your partner will show them that you ARE listening to their needs and you’re mature enough to handle the break up.

What Men Desire – How to Keep Your Guy Forever?

Although men and women aren’t much different in the sense that we all want to be loved and appreciated by our partners, conflict is most evident in the way men and women choose to communicate with one another in a relationship. The truth is the male brain is actually extremely different to the female brain, and the more you understand how men think, the more success you will have with communicating with them. In the prehistoric times men assumed the role of hunter.

Does Your Relationship Need a Re-Boot?

When your computer starts acting funny or freezes up, the obvious thing to do is re-boot. This allows the system to start fresh and resolve whatever problems are plaguing it. Don’t you wish it were that easy to fix relationships? Alas, since we are not made of silicone chips, there is no magic button to press. But make no mistake-with a little hard work, a romantic re-boot can be achieved!

Will This Be the Year You Get Married? (The Top Technique We Use to Know)

Q: When will I get married? Will this be the year? Do I know him already.

3 Things Every Great Relationship Must Have

All great relationships need a lot of things to make them tick. Here are 3 things that every great relationship must have.

I Am In Love And I Like It That Way

I was in love. I still am. And I prefer to be that way.

Find Love at Any Age

Many of us feel that as we grow older, our chances of finding a soul mate grow slim. But what if the opposite were true? How does age really figure into the search for that special someone?

7 Helpful Tricks Talking With the Man You Like

Talking with a guy you like can be intimidating as women often don’t know what to say. With some preparation and the right knowledge, a normal conversation can be transformed into a relationship building one. When it comes to winning his love, here are some tips to use that are sure to help you grab his attention and keep yourself in his thoughts.

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