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Love Is All Around Us

I used to think that finding your one true love was absolutely impossible. I use to think that kind of love doesn’t exist, that when you find someone who cares about you, you have similar interests and you want the same things that this was enough, that this was what love was. Truth is I got it all completely wrong!

The One

I don’t have any other terms for these kinds of characters in our lives except for – the One. Well, The One is not your supernumerary character who passes through your life without you taking notice.

How Can I Make Him Love Me the Same Way I Love Him? Here Is a Step-By-Step Plan Which Will Help You

Are you in a relationship where your man ignores your needs and does not love you the way you love him? Do you feel that you are investing more in the relationship and not getting an equal amount of return from his side? Being around a man who does not love you enough means you will lead your life in quiet desperation expecting him to change his mind about you someday and give you all the love you deserve.

Dating Tips For Men On Romance

Normally, when we think of romance, we think of the man showing up on a woman’s doorstep with a dozen roses, and then taking her out to dinner to expensive restaurant. I would like to question these dating tips for men.

The Relationship Plant: Using Positive Selfishness to Keep It Alive!

Positive selfishness is a selfless solution for a good relationship! Learn how to emotionally feed your relationship and both of you are happy.

Why Does Love Cause Us Pain?

Why do intimate love relationships cause us so much pain? Find out the answer and the solution in this article.

I Love You and I Don’t Care What You Do

How can you love someone and not care what they do? Does this sound confusing? A challenging reality in life is that you cannot change what a person is doing, they can only change themselves. If you are having a strong reaction to a person or situation, read this article and learn what can you do?

Leaving and Receiving a Love Note

The element of surprise is employed with great effect at the leaving of a love note. Just as pertinent within the realm of romance as they are in winning schemes of encouragement, the written word makes use of one of the key love languages: words of affirmation… the love note, however, is much more than an affirmative communication; it approves the relationship, encourages passion, engorges intimacy, and inspires commitment.

Chinese Astrology – All Out Of Love

Are you destined for marriage? Is marriage suitable for you? Will your partner be faithful? Can love make you complete? Here’s an article to give you some insights based on Chinese Astrology which hold the love secrets to success and happiness in a person’s life.

Creating Passion – How to Fall in Love All Over Again

“How to fall in love all love again”. It is important that couples always tell each other how much they love each other and express themselves towards each other this makes the relationship strong and creates more passion in the relationship. Falling in love all over again may seem a bit hard to some people who have been hurt before by somebody they used to love dearly and got hurt by them, but finding new love may help to heal those emotional wounds. So in this article we going to be looking at ways to fall in love all over again.

Tips for Not Falling In Love

Hello friends, Happy Valentine’s day to those who already are screwed like me, but let me help in some way to those who have not yet suffered and haven’t fallen sick from this bug called “LOVE.” No, no, don’t just rule out this possibility and don’t say that this is not going to happen to me. A very well-known gentleman, Samuel Richardson talks about this contagious disease and says, “love will draw an elephant through a key-hole.

Love Is Where You Find It

People’s experience of love is as they find it. They may not know love until they do. Yet, so much ‘love’ is not really love at all – only a fabrication, a pretentious form of the divine nature of a thing so goodly special.

What To Do When Struggling For Intimacy

Sometimes I get the impression, no matter how hard I try to establish intimacy in certain situations, it just won’t happen. There’s one or more of at least six relationship factors that prove awry, and nothing we can do, sometimes, will bring a peaceful rapport to bear. The strangest reality comes in direct competition to this lack of intimacy: this occurs in the closest of our relationships from time to time.

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