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Co-Creating Love

It does matter how you speak love. It must come from the heart in a compassionate heart felt way of your truth. Sometimes we speak from our minds thoughts and not what we feel and threats why things get misinterpreted. The first step is to define “LOVE”- the key is “Honesty,” be true to yourself by speaking the truth no matter how it comes out.

Work At A Relationship But Never Work To Earn A Man’s Love

You cannot create the emotional and physical connection it takes to inspire a man to love you deeply and treat you like gold by doing stuff for him and giving him things. This article explains why.

Longing For Love

Are you looking for someone who knows what you want? Someone who will not hurt or mistreat you? Someone who knows what you are thinking? Are you longing for that kind of love?

The Role of Jealousy in the Psychology of Love

This article is about the role of jealousy in human sexual selection. What it is, how it arose and why are all discussed.

How to Make Love Last a Lifetime: Signature Love Notes for Newly Weds

Marriage remains a sacred institution no matter how aggressive our culture of independence and self-reliance. Protecting your vows after marriage so it can flourish is a must. Time is not on your side. It is predicted that most marriages will succumb to a number of pressures that grow in intensity within a fourteen-month window. Couples who base their relationship on emotion alone are the most vulnerable. A more comprehensive look at love opens a couple’s dialogue to determine if they truly have a love for a lifetime.

Calmness And The Libido – Raising Our Levels For Zest

Ill-health and stress, and scores of other things, interrupt the precision of calmness that informs, and releases, our libido. Yes, we talk about sex; but it’s more. Libido must be the basis of all play; of all joy.

What Is Love? Most People Do Not Know What It Really Means to Love Someone

I Love You! We often hear someone say ‘I Love you!’, but do they really? Most of the time such feelings have very little to do with love, instead it’s an emotion called lust.

Work-Life Balance and Power of Words: Developing and Energizing Relationships

Our family and relationships are the most important asset we possess. However we may tend to sacrifice them for our petty corporate gains. Here are few small but highly effective tips, which might help you find the real-time balance in work and personal life.

Couple Time Must Command More Respect

It’s time to debunk the myth on the power of true love, on its own, to conquer all. Splash the icy cold water on your face, towel dry and straighten up, because it is reality check time. The truth is you have to spend time on what you value and invest in love to maintain it at a level where it can then really conquer all and more. It doesn’t just show up in a package on your doorstep to be plugged in and last a lifetime. Instead, you must fuel true love with your one and only commodity – time.

What To Do When Love Hurts

We bring more of ourselves to love than we realise. That is, more of who we are deep down underneath is brought to bear upon our love, as is the deep-down-underneath nature of our partners. When two such worlds collide, as they do in romance, love can become a symphony of blessing or, equally, the source of great pain. The truth of love: sometimes it works out; sometimes it doesn’t.

When Love Becomes Intimacy

Being ‘in love’ is not the same as an ‘act’ of love, which bears itself positively over the moment. This is the toughest challenge for any couple. Each day fresh beginnings of love-in-action must be initiated, and negativity recanted, both of which lead to intimacy, if the relationship is to move, or continue moving, forward.

Tips On How to Make Your Relationship Stronger

Is your relationship not working the way you wanted it to? Do you consider your relationship to be weak? There are a few small things you can do to make your relationship stronger and last forever.

Why People Love Valentine’s Day

Whether you love it or despise it Valentine’s Day seems to stick around no matter what. People just love it. Why? Who was St. Valentine? Why do people get so giddy at this time of year? Maybe it all comes down to one four-letter word.

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