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How To Tell If A Guy Likes You – 10 Sure Signs He Is Into You

There’s that cute guy again. You think he may be looking at you, but is he really? If he is looking at you, what exactly does that mean? Whether it is someone you know or someone you just see around, these ten signs could be telling you something magical is in the works.

Use The Magic of Making Up to Get Your Ex Back

If you want to get your ex back for good, you need to use a good strategy that really works. Learn this powerful magic formula that can make a person who hates you, literally turn around and start loving you.

Tips On How To Send Roses To Your Special Girl

Sending roses is one way you can let your loved ones know that they are special, cared and loved. Whether you’re sending them roses for their birthday, Valentine’s Day or just a plain ordinary day.

The Unbroken Heart

Is it possible to never have a broken heart? And, to have loved in the process? Read the amazing story of a woman who has done just that.

The Opposite of Love Is Laziness

There are a lot of presumptions on what really is the opposite of love. But in reality it all boils down to one – laziness.

Love’s the Great Persuader

“A person convinced against their will, is of their own opinion still.” The variations of this quote are many, as are the attributions to whose it is (Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Johnson, or Sir Walter Raleigh). Front-of-mind knowledge of the above truth can save us a lot of heartache. There are only two situations, generally, where persuasion will work within the realm of possible sustainability…

Mistakes Women Make in Relationships

Your desire to love and to be loved, combined with your emotional past, can determine you to make some repetitive mistakes in your relationship. The fear of losing him, lack of knowledge, the woman’s nature who tends to over accommodate the partner – all these things can determine behavioral mistakes. There are relationships formed on the basis of common fears, of complementary traumas, and relationships formed on the basis of mutual admiration, with he desire to share the happiness within, the fulfillment and the becoming of their destiny. What kind of relationship are you in?

Recovery After Being Cheated On – Online Counseling and Therapy

Love and relationships will always be a reality of your life. Take the time to understand this ultimate human enterprise. Without them, all your other achievements will pale and worth less. How to forgive, how to trust again, how to keep on taking the risk of giving again? Without doing all these, your life will always feel like a shadow of what used to be or could have been. Many people I worked with in therapy realized, after some honest inner investigation, that they never really recovered from this kind of trauma, carrying confused feelings of guilt and anger.

The Secret How To Instantly Craft Romantic Quotes For Her

Are you one of those sensitive souls who understands the power of romantic quotes for her? There are many ways to bring the romantic spirit within you to the fore, but the fastest and surest way is to look for love quotes online.

The Essence of Love: Knowing Who You Really Are

Anyone who has read poetry or classic literature has seen love compared to a red rose or a summer’s day; why is that? It is quite simply because love makes us feel much the same as a perfect summer’s day or a beautiful flower. The real question is why? Why does love feel so much like the things that focus us on the sweetness of life? And why are sunsets, summer days full of life, and flowers so sweet to us?

5 Romantic Movies to Snuggle Up To With Your Date

If you would like to watch a romantic movie with your beloved but have no idea which movies pass muster, keep reading. We have created a list of 5 romantic movies, complete with brief descriptions that you and your partner can watch together.

How to Develop a Good Relationship With Your Lover

For you are like many people, your romantic relationships will end up being one of the most important things in your life. Working to develop and grow that relationship is necessary if you want it to last. Being honest about what you want and whether or not you are receiving it is key.

Waiting for Your Soulmate? 2 Unusual Things You Can Do TODAY To Find Him Fast!

Who else is sick and tired of being alone? Do you find yourself sad, lonely and depressed after one short lived relationship after another ends? Or maybe you are so busy with your work, or family life that meeting the man of your dreams seems so far removed that you think it’s NEVER going to happen? If you are anything like the millions of women who find themselves without a partner that they love, trust and see a “life” with, the future can look black, bleak and downright depressing.

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